The Resurgence of 11:11 — Are You Seeing It, Again?

For many, the 11:11 phenomenon has waxed and waned. Has it cropped up for you again?

By Alexis Brooks

Heady stuff!” This is how Rob and Trish MacGregor, co-authors of the book The 7 Secrets of Synchronicitydescribe the phenomenon simply known as 11:11.

Within consciousness circles, there certainly has been no shortage of opinions on just what significance this double pair of numbers connotes. From wish making to wake up calls – spiritual enlightenment to apocalyptic certainty, the 11:11 anomaly has been sliced and diced and decoded every way imaginable.

Regardless of its significance, one thing is certain, it somehow has a way of showing up in our lives at junctures that are critical to us both individually and collectively.

Recently, I headed over to Trish and Rob’s popular blog SynchroSecrets. After trading a few emails with Trish about my latest brush with synchronicity which could only be described as a deluge of 11:11 – six days in a row to be exact – without hesitation she pointed out a number of curious anomalies she’d recently been collecting from her readers, many of whom count themselves as “Planetary Empaths” or “PE.”

“…my sense is that whatever [the planetary empaths]are feeling now may be related to something other than hurricanes. I do feel that 11:11 is related to planetary empaths, but also to other things. It can be personal but also collective,” Trish told me in our email exchange.

And just what are they (and possibly you) feeling right now? Some of the symptoms include high anxiety levels out of nowhere, instances of vertigo, clicking or chirping in the ear, and just a general sense of imminence. One PE said, “I’ve been feeling for months that ‘something big’ was coming and was surprised but yet not surprised that this feeling did NOT go away after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. I’ve continued to have the clicking noises but along with it a roaring sound and at other times a muffling of sound. It’s very annoying and I don’t usually get these all at the same time.”

Interestingly, though it is considered Hurricane Season in parts of the U.S. and the Caribbean, it is still rare that so many are happening all at the same time.

But what about those darned 11’s? Have you been seeing them more lately? Have they just started for you or have they played a role in your life, dropped out for a while, then suddenly re-emerged? And if so, could this be connected to the heightened state of recent planetary activity?

On the website they chronicled a slew of recent planetary events that could be indicative of this more recent uptick of 11:11.

“August is a busy month with two eclipses, Lionsgate and a total of 5 planets in retrograde from the 12th to the 25th….Saturn has also been dancing over the Galactic Center, delivering all sorts of messages, lessons and opportunities.”

Though we’re now looking at August in the rearview mirror, consider the significance of what has been called “The Great American Solar Eclipse,” occurring on August 21st. Many have surmised that there would be roughly a 40 day period in which an onslaught of notable planetary activity would commence in the days and weeks (possibly months) following the eclipse.

Needless to say, this has been the case with hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and now Maria barreling down on the Caribbean as a Category 5 event as we speak. To add insult to injury, just as this post is being penned, a breaking news headline reads: “A strong 7.1 magnitude earthquake has struck central Mexico, damaging buildings and causing panic.” This only days after an even stronger quake rocked Mexico registering at an 8.1 magnitude and reportedly killing at least 61 people.

Cluster all of these catastrophic events together, coupled with a possible uptick of 11:11 and one could reason that the apocalypse is inevitable and just around the bend.

Could be.

But moreover, in understanding the true definition of “apocalypse,” one can distill that these times though tumultuous, are really about a revealing; an uncovering and an evolution of truth. Whether planetary empath or not, the truth – the revealing appears to be barreling toward us all, ready or not. The increased presence of 11:11 may simply be one indication.

Either way, it’s time to pay attention, embrace each other and the urgency of now!

Let’s muse about this a bit more in this week’s episode of Conscious Commentary

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This article (The Resurgence of 11:11 – Are You Seeing It, Again?) was originally published on Higher Jouneys and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


  1. It is a great tragedy of the movement towards awakening that so many naïve and ungrounded new-agers waste so much energy by allowing themselves to be distracted by the fantasy event called “11:11”, invented by a new-age teacher named Solara in 1992.

    I remember very well how it got started, and how empty and hollow the energetic felt when I brought my consciousness to it back then. There was nothing of substance to it, like “Y2K” felt when people started talking about that in 1999.

    There are natural cycles and events of real power which we can align with that bring us forward, such as equinoxes, solstices, new and full moons, and other actual, astronomical-astrological events that are based on where the planets and stars are physically with relation to the Earth. These have real energy. They are not based o n calendar dates, but on actual astronomical positions.

    But with regard to events based on double numbers coming from our inaccurate calendar, such as “11:11”, “8:8”, and “12:12”, ask yourself now: Do galactic and super-galactic energies follow the Gregorian calendar?

    When we focus our attention on anything we give it energy, and that, and only that, is where all the hoopla around made-up events like the “11:11” come from. If you allow such an idea to enter your consciousness and become hypnotized by it, a delusion will form in your mind and you will start to see it everywhere. This will reinforce your belief that it is real, but in fact, the act of following it is compromising you and draining you of energy.

    I strongly urge new-agers to examine closely this phenomenon and to release it from your attention. You do not need to invent fantasy events to gather together to focus on awakening and unity consciousness. Focus instead on the feeling of oneness and concentrate on the real events that are part of the natural order and you will help the cause of awakening.

    Parisse Deza is a visionary in the field of consciousness and creativity. He is a counselor, teacher, Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept, and an artist in many traditional and non-traditional art forms. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of personal freedom in relationship with all Life by focusing on radical truths. He lives in Sedona, Arizona.

  2. Following up on my previous comment:

    Several years ago I had a numerological consultation with the head numerologist at The Kabalarian Society, an 85 year old + organization in Vancouver that specializes in creating numerologically balanced names for individuals. I expressed my concern about the emotionally reactive over-emphasis on double numbers by new agers, and I asked her, “How do you feel about them?”, to which she replied: “We don’t use them.”

    Parisse Deza is a visionary in the field of consciousness and creativity. He is a counselor, teacher, Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept, and an artist in many traditional and non-traditional art forms. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of personal freedom in relationship with all Life by focusing on radical truths. He lives in Sedona, Arizona.

    • I understand your concerns and appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge with us.

      My personal experience with the 11:11 phenomenon happened many years ago, long before I knew anything about new age concepts. I began seeing 11:11 first on clocks, then I would see patterns of 11 repeat everywhere, numerous times throughout the day. It started out gradually, but the more I would ignore it, the more it would happen. I mentioned it to family and friends and we would laugh it off as an oddity. As I continued to ignore it, I began seeing repeating numbers in addition to 11:11; 333, 444, 555. This happened so frequently throughout the day I seriously began questioning my sanity. I thought I was going mad. It would happen continually, all day long! One day out of desperation, I typed 11:11 into Google not expecting to find anything, but got the shock of my life when I discovered this was happening to other people as well – I wasn’t going mad!

      This occurrence is one of the things along my path that led to my awakening. I believe this phenomenon is a “wake up call” to those on a path of seeking. It is difficult to describe the significance to those who have never experienced it, and it sounds like you have not experience it yourself. If one has not experienced this phenomenon first hand it does not mean that it is not real and not happening.

  3. Hi,

    I have often seen things like double or repeating sets of numbers appear here and there over time. That is just one of many different kinds of psychic/mass consciousness phenomenon that happen, and it means nothing of itself. How could it?

    While I am happy to hear that you were called onto a path of consciousness, your comment actually emphasizes and punctuates the main point of my comments, which is: Do not allow yourself to get sucked into the peripheral phenomenon that appear along the Way. Concentrate on the inner energies and waking up itself. Phenomenon drain our energy and uncenter us. If you get all ga-ga over the finger pointing to the Moon, you will miss the Moon itself. What you were picking up on is just a mass mind thought-form, not an actual energetic. Keep going!

    I always strongly encourage people to have a regular grounded meditation and movement practice so that mental and psychic phenomenon do not distract one from connecting with the Source. If you deepen yourself thru grounded body practice, you will see thru the tantalizing tidbits that appear along the Way.

    So, what I am asking folks to do is to go beyond anything like the “11:11s” they meet and keep going, so you have substance, instead of the fleeting excitement of the momentary illusions like “11:11”.

    Thanks for taking the time to express yourself.