Rob Potter: The Pilgrimage to the New Shamballa — Part One

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By Rob Potter

Dear Promise Friends,

It has been a month since our group returned from the South American countries of Bolivia and Peru.

This journey and the experiences we had were very beautiful and sacred.

My friendship with Luis Mostajo has deepened and I am feeling very blessed to share his mission to a broader audience. He is well known to the Spanish-speaking people of the world and of course to others all around the world.

His experiences with the “guides of the sky” and “the masters” as he calls them are very special and unique.

I feel it is important for other light workers around the world to become aware of this information as well.

We have completed a series of interviews with Luis and we are still looking for Sound engineer experts and translators to volunteer to get this information out to the public. Please contact me [email protected] if you are inclined to offer your time and experience to this effort.

Luis is all about love and his presence and luminous self shines constantly. His mission and journeys to sacred sites and portals are free from political insinuations and any ego or self-aggrandizement.

Luis journeys throughout the 30 years of his contacts are usually with smaller groups but sometimes as large as 200 people. He takes people into the wilds of various locations around the world.

Senor Luis at his post prior to contact at Sajama

Most of his activations and journeys are in South and Central America where the locations are quite remote.

It is here in the sacred locations of Macchu Pichu, Sajama Volcano, Lake Titicaca on the Island of the Sun and Moon, Illampu Mt and Urmirri and other places around the world where the space ships show themselves.

These ships are from the Great White brotherhood and The Confederation bases as well as directly from various star groups. Luis is often in direct telepathic communication and is guided to reveal to each group individually the teachings.

As you learn of the many major contacts and special contacts that Luis has had, you may be like me, somewhat overwhelmed by the number and the profound nature of these encounters.

Just one such encounter would be enough to last one a lifetime. Luis has so many experiences he is able to give a broader view of the Great White Brotherhood and the Confederation as well as their intentions and plans to help to heal the earth.

Luis is so very humble in his delivery of such experiences it is refreshing in the search for truth. However it is the teachings that he shares that gives one hope and joy that the Promise is soon to be Revealed to humanity.

I am in no way trying to build up Luis in a personal way to be worshipped or held in awe or to support such nonsense. However the guides have chosen a kind sincere and honest soul to deliver to us this message of peace.

This message of the Rama Mission or Ulterior Preparation as it is called is also about our intentions, about our faith and humility. This message fits in with the overall plan of redemption for humanity that has been in place for so long.

The Rama Mission is also about people around the world founding groups to go into nature to meditate and call in the guides and masters to begin to initiate your own contact experience.

In Cusco I met a woman from Colorado and a man from South America who have been doing just that. They had their own pictures of a ship that had landed within 100 yards several days before we met.

She is a friend of Kaulipele and wishes to remain anonymous for now. This picture see here below is certainly not the best but I have it on good authority she is working with the Andromedeans and has many other amazing videos taken in Egypt and in South america that contain light codes and othe such phenomena…

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