The GoldFish Report No. 213

Louisa discusses the websites where viewers can access The GoldFish Report and links to other reports. Louisa and Winston briefly discus the YouTube shooting in light of the unfair practices YouTube has resorted to against their users, including deleting channels like The GoldFish Report. Winston continues with a post script of the Mentinah Archives with the book of Hagoth and the story of Gathalus and the restoration of the Divine Feminine.

Winston then continues with the restoration of the Divine Feminine theme with another post script from the Pleaidian Perspectives about Earth’s first Ascended Master, Mother Mary, The First Lemurian Initiate. Winston discusses how MOther Mary was taught in the Mystery Schools of Isis about , among many things, alchemy and transcendence of limitations. Winston gives another post script from the Destin of SOuls and how Amora communicated that women are endowed with healing abilities, and that women inherently have this power within them when using the palms of their hands and mental constructs of corresponding geometric shapes.

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Lastly, Winston ends with the subject of ‘Dowsing’ by introducing two new books on clearing and transmuting harmful or negative energy. Info on these books are below. For more information about Winston’s Solutions in Commerce visit

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