Tools for Powerful Abundance Creation

By Curry Glassell

Wealth Creation and Finding Prosperity

I often say it doesn’t matter who your parents were or how you were raised. The ability to prosper has nothing to do with how much money you have but, rather, what you are willing to create for yourself. So, how about focusing on wealth creation?

Creation is about stepping out of the points of view you have about money (which are normally the beliefs and perspectives you adopted from your parents, friends and communities) and opening yourself up to greater choice and opportunity. To create, you must stop coming to conclusions about who you are, what you are capable of and what you deserve, and start living in the infinite possibility of a question: If I was willing to create abundance for me, what would that look like?

Limiting Beliefs and Behaviors Inhibit Wealth Creation

Creation arises from empowerment. So, if you are to create wealth for yourself it is imperative to look at the learned behaviors that are disempowering you around money. Then, you can take steps to destroy and un-create these limiting points of view.

The choices you make reflect your points of view. If being around money disempowers you, perhaps you may exhibit one or more of these limiting beliefs and behaviors:


These days, it is common for personal wealth to be left in the hands of “experts” or “professionals”. Ironically, it seems to be the more money you have to invest, the more likely this wealth is handed to others to control. However, if you are not responsible for the choices made with (and for) your money, you are not in any position to influence what that wealth becomes. Never allow others to be in charge of your money. Educate yourself; empower yourself and become your own wealth creator.


If you want to create the wealth you deserve, it is vital that you look truthfully and practically at your life and your financial situation. Realism is an essential part of empowerment because it allows you to see your choices clearly. If an item is not essential to your survival, then you must realize that buying it is a choice. Therefore, it is up to you to choose whether you want to spend your money on it now, later, or not at all. Don’t spend money robotically – be a conscious wealth creator.


All that glitters is not gold, and material possessions do not add to your greatness in any way. I know from personal experience that having great wealth will not fulfill you- and believing it does only serves to disempower you. Sometimes, in your creation of wealth, you may have to simplify, downsize and declutter, and there are almost certainly times when you will have to say “no” to yourself. Destroy and un-create any infatuation you may have with “stuff” and come back to the power that is within you.


We find panic and desperation in the point of view of, ‘I have no power in this situation. I am at the mercy of outside forces.’ This is an incredibly disempowering mindset; one of victim, not creator.

Whenever you are in worry, panic, anxiety or desperation, asking questions will immediately open possibilities and empower you to be the creator. Use questions such as “What’s right about my situation I’m not getting?”, “How does it get any better than this?” or “If was I was willing to create wealth from this situation, what would I do?”

The point is not to seek answers, or conclusions, to these questions. However, let the enquiry, itself, guide you to wealth creation at the place of greatest possibility.


As a “Right Riches for You” facilitator helping people around America and internationally, Curry Glassell is an exceptional wealth mentor, working with people so they can break ties to poverty and create a lifestyle of wealth and luxury. Raised in a wealthy environment, she lost almost everything, and built her life back on her own. Now she travels the world teaching people to change the money blueprint of their lives through the Right Riches for You program. It is a series of courses with powerful tools from Access Consciousness designed to make over your financial situation and relationship with money. She is also a philanthropist, facilitator, and art-loving mother of two.

This article (Tools for Powerful Wealth Creation) was originally published on OM Times Magazine and syndicated by The Event Chronicle

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