Turn On Your Inner-Technology and Turn Off That Smartphone

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Do you rely on your Outer-Technology so much you have lost touch with your Inner-Technology?

By John Holland

Stop! Put Down That Cell Phone and Pick Up Your Inner-Technology

I’ve often written about how life takes over, and how technology starts to rule our lives and pulls us away from our soul, that inside quiet place where we can find direction and guidance. We become more focused on our outside world and forget about our ‘inside world’, focusing on our Outer-Technology instead of our Inner-Technology. For many of us, we get up, look at our emails, Facebook, or texts, we eat our breakfast, we go to work, we come home with just enough time to wind down and sleep – before we do it all again the next day.

For sure, if you like a fast-paced life, it can be exhilarating for a while, before it eventually becomes exhausting. You must stop at some point, and ask yourself who’s driving who – and for what? Eventually, it will feel like you’re in the passenger seat and someone else is driving. One day, you’ll wake up and realize that the monotony of life has taken over. This is where this saying rings true for many: “Are you living life?” or… “Is life living you?”

It’s time to take a break and reverse the roles. Your ego is the part of you that runs the predictable side of your life, keeps you on the straight and narrow, the safe path, the familiar path, and the one you’ve traveled over and over. Occasionally, it’s important to let go and take that unfamiliar path, even if it seems unnerving, adventurous, or scary. It’s okay to try, and I encourage you to do it! It’s about releasing control and let the universe take over – even if it’s just for a while. You may find, that you take an entirely different direction from what you thought you’d laid out previously to conform to family expectation, society, and convention.

So, by letting go of your control, and letting your soul take over the navigation, you will find all sorts of hidden bonuses along the way, and of course, you will have the guiding power of something very special to help … yes, your intuition, which is there to help you with the shortcuts, team you up with the right people and situations that are out there to help you increase your levels of joy, personal fulfillment, and live a healthy balanced life.

So, if this advice is resonating with you, maybe it’s time to stop, and follow the flow of where your soul and intuition are taking you. Sometimes it is right to take control, to grab those oars and steer towards a destination or goal, but occasionally it’s okay to let go of the oars and see where you’re guided. You may be quite surprised and happy where you end up!

John’s Lesson

Positively begin your day. It’s always your choice as to what kind of day you want to have. Even before your foot touches the floor, try smiling. You don’t need a reason. By just smiling, you’ll positively begin your day. Also, set an intention for the day in your mind. Whether it’s: peace, gratitude, calmness, joy, etc. All thought creates reality, so by starting off your day in this way, you’ll attract more positive vibes and opportunities.

Trust your intuition. If you have felt drawn to attend a workshop or class, to have lunch with a certain person at work, or nudged to visit a place although you’ve never been there before, then I suggest you follow your instinct! Your intuition is trying to get your attention, and if the same thought keeps coming up, that is NOT your imagination!

Reach for Your Inner-Technology. Before your check that text or hop onto social media, just pause for a moment, close your eyes, and take a few good slow breaths. As you do this, put your hands on your heart and simply repeat a couple of times: “I AM a soul.” I’ve discovered when I do this, it brings me back to the present, and calms me quite quickly. So how about instead of reaching for your phone, iPad, (Outer-Technology) – reach for your (Inner-Technology). By doing so, you’ll begin to connect with your own soul and your inner-guidance. By doing this, it gives you the chance to step back from their life, at least for a little while.

Live a Soul-filled life!

John Holland is an American artist, best-selling author, spiritual teacher, and public speaker, who describes himself as a psychic medium. johnholland.com

This article (Turn On Your Inner-Technology and Turn Off That Smartphone) was originally published on OM Times and syndicated by The Event Chronicle




  1. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and in particular the “smart”-phone is quite dangerous as it can take over and cut you off from your higher states of identity which is quite unfortunate as your higher states are directly connected to Creators UFI (Unified Field Intelligence) which is accessed through your intuitive emotional mind.

    Nothing that is created by any being in external creation can surpass what Creator has give each of us the ability to access; that of Creators UFI. NOTHING!

    It’s time to put down the “dumb”-phone and stop walking aimlessly into walls and making people become aware of you because you are no longer aware of them…

  2. I AM Not in Texas, but my phone puts me there .. Done with the Silly Cell. Way too controlling. Looking forward to the Past , where my mind was mine alone….