White Fire of AN

By Untwine

In recent meditations (while using a ray of initiation given by Cobra in his conferences), I was given a strong white fire surrounding me, and was told that this was a manifestation of AN.

I saw that this white fire can be called upon and used in the same way that we can use the Violet flame.

Cobra has confirmed that this is a “great occult secret”, and that “Archangel Metatron is the embodiment of the White fire of AN, as Archangel Zadkiel is the embodiment of the Violet flame”.

The White fire of AN basically activates AN conversion, about which you can learn here:


The AN conversion is a system of direct transmission of Light that bypasses contingency filters, and therefore transmits the flow of Light in its fullness, all the way down the planes. This allows the Divine Will to be transmitted by Light, into the densest matter of all planes, transmuting, healing and reconnecting all reality back with the One. This AN conversion system progressively transforms the universe into a reality where the One is all powerful. When the AN conversion is complete, the universe will be an exact mirror image of the One.

Our Higher Selves are aspects of the Source, of the One. They initiate everything that we truly are on all planes of existence. These impulses and inspirations trickle down through the higher spiritual planes, then through our mental, astral, etheric, plasma and finally physical bodies.

However, as we go down the planes, there is progressively more anomaly/contingency, especially now on this planet. This creates all sorts of anomalies in the personality (which is composed of the lower bodies : physical plasma etheric astral mental), negative patterns, traumas, etc, and these anomalies interfere and filter the flow of Light coming from the Higher self.

The White fire of AN burns these anomalies and transmutes them into the Light, progressively improving the Light conductivity of all our bodies.

This process of purifying and transmuting our lower bodies until they become pure conducts for the Higher self, and eventually merge with it, is the process leading to ascension.

You can invoke the White fire of AN in any way you feel, in the same way we can work with the Violet flame. You can for example say these words:

“I here and now call upon the White fire of AN to fully transmute and dedicate my whole being to the Light

And visualize bright, high frequency fire burning inside and around you, connecting with Archangel Metatron.

Cobra has also explained that advanced technologies of the Light forces which are used to remove dark technologies such as toplet bombs, and to transmute primary anomaly in the galaxy, are based on AN conversion:


Therefore the White fire of AN can also be used in meditations especially in groups to assist the Light forces in clearing the solar system.

Victory of the Light!

This article (White Fire of AN) was originally published on Recreating Balance and syndicated by The Event Chronicle

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  1. Parisse Deza on

    My fellow spiritual practitioners,

    As an adept in Daoist internal alchemy, and a student of other alchemical systems, eastern and western, I must comment here that there is a detrimental preoccupation in New Age circles with bombarding everything with light of different kinds as a remedy for the stuckness of things in the world and the ego.

    Please remember that Creation is an expression of, and a balance of, light and dark, yang and yin, masculine and feminine. (Heraclitus said: “Life is a harmony of opposite tensions”). The term “light-worker” also falls into the category of imbalanced practice thinking. Many of us have watched for decades now, as “New Agers” work only with light, thinking they are doing good, not realizing that this strictly masculine approach is “dominator mentality”, the result of a patriarchally-minded society! How obvious it is.

    The universe is working with light and dark by its nature. In fact, alchemy, the art and science of self-transformation, is worked successfully only by using a balance of yin and yang, which, in this context, means: FIRE and WATER. Light is fire, yang, masculine. Dark is water, yin, feminine. This is represented by the colors RED and BLUE, respectively. When the two are properly set up within the body, with the fire placed below and the water placed above, and then allowed to mix together in the cauldron of the belly (the lower dantien), one acquires (or creates) the well-known ‘vesica pisces’ shape, which is the interconnection of the circle of fire with the circle of water, the quintessential symbol of alchemy in both the eastern and western worlds, and a PURPLE (or violet, if you please) STEAM is created between the two of them, which purifies everything reducing grossness to what is commonly called by names like The Philosopher’s Stone or The Gold Pill of Immortality, the pure essence. There is a reason this shape pervades true spiritual practice all over the world: it is because it is the natural balancing and harmonizing of yin and yang, masculine and feminine, fire and water energies within the individual. This is why alchemy is referred to as Sacred Marriage work: it is the RELATIONSHIP of the inner man with the inner woman. So, working up a violet steam is natural, and far more powerful than using violet flame, because it is far more gentle.

    The center of all this alchemical working, it should be said, is definitely love. It is love, feminine in nature, which harmonizes the masculine light of awareness and makes it powerful. If the love/feminine is not in the light/masculine, then all you have is force without sensitive guidance!

    If all you are doing is forcing light into yourself, you are creating imbalance, and at best, will receive only a partial positive effect. You also could be unwittingly creating physical imbalances and illnesses because you are over-charging your body with masculine energy.

    Try calling the water and fire together in your meditation and see the difference.

    Alchemical Blessings,
    Parisse Deza

    Parisse Deza is a visionary, counselor/teacher, and Daoist internal alchemy, chigung and feng-shui adept with over forty years experience in healing and many traditional art forms. He refers to his field as “Consciousness and Creativity”. His main purpose is seeing in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American Dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship and communion with all Life by focusing on and practicing radical truths. He lives in Sedona, Arizona.