Why Parasitic Entities Want You To Forget Your Soul

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By Nicole Frolick

As our spiritual awareness expands we find ourselves with more questions than answers. Understanding the deeper levels of why we are here on this planet, our individual and collective soul missions, and why our consciousness is being messed with by negative and parasitic entities become crucial pieces to solving the great puzzle of the Ascension.

When we awaken, we begin to realign our soul back into harmony with Source or God energy. This journey can have many detours, road blocks and deceiving directions to impair our success. Why? What is the purpose?

Understanding the intricacies of the original collective human blueprint for Earth and how it’s been tampered with by negative entities is crucial to harmonizing our soul back into alignment with the laws of Nature. We are taught through lower level consciousness  programming to see ourselves as separate and this idea permeates everything in our reality.

When we do not see that our spiritual body is actually enmeshed into our physical body, or even have awareness of having a spiritual body, we are easy targets for manipulation into lower consciousness behaviors, ideas and ways of living our lives.

When we forget we are souls incarnated in a physical body, we create energy that is ideal for parasitic entities to harvest for their survival and proliferation.

In today’s video I will take you through a more in depth understanding of how our individual consciousness and the human collective consciousness blueprint are embedded in our physical cells and how following the law of one principles activates Stations of Identity within these cells. These Stations of identity are the very thing parasitic entities DO NOT want activated and work very hard to keep them suppressed. Suppression leads us to forgetting our soul and our cosmic divine plan.

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