Jim Stone: Photographic Proof Shot Down Plane was MH370

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(Jim Stone Freelance) Earlier today I messed up a report about the number of seats and pulled that report. NOW WE HAVE THE SMOKING GUN, thanks to another internet sleuth who was linked through by Gordon Duff who was re-posted on beforeitsnews, and I cannot find due to the cattle trail of links. But secondary confirmation nails it, this sleuth, who spent many hours comparing photos of the wreckage to photos of MH370 and MH17, found the SMOKING GUN. I spent about two hours confirming this guy did not get this wrong.

The mistake in the shoot down false flag was subtle, yet obvious, and is absolute proof it was flight 370.

In all paint jobs, things do not always line up the same. And the position of the flag on MH370 puts the leading edge at the first window behind the door, and on MH17, that flag instead lines up with the second window. You have to look at the correct side of the plane to see it, because the opposite side lines up the same on both planes. But when the correct sides of the two aircraft are compared (this would be the same as the passenger side of an American car) you can clearly see that the flag is an entire window off where it is supposed to be if it really was MH17.

There is no way out of this, this is irrevocable proof the shot down plane is flight 370. Now there is another spare jet out there for another false flag, 9M MRD.

Below are the two smoking gun photos.

It is important to note that MH370 was new, and therefore never repainted. This is the way the flag ALWAYS looked on Flight 370, and it forever pegs the shoot down plane as flight 370.

Next is flight MH17. Notice the flag position, and ALSO, that MH17 has an extra window on this side of the aircraft, TOTALLY BUSTING THE OFFICIAL STORY.

As earlier stated, my look into the illegal immigrant children story has now begun, and will continue for approximately 2 weeks as I travel mexico to bust the children on trains story and find out how they are actually coming up to America.

A development in the rotten bodies report

Now it is being said that a Dutch doctor who was at the scene within a day has released testimony that the bodies on the plane were rotten and dead days before the crash, which would corroborate what the military commander said and that evidence is there that they were also tortured before the crash. However, the translation from Dutch is very poor and I am working on secondary confirmation.

The Mexican press did a very detailed piece about the dead bodies, showing them being loaded on the train in body bags,AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, HOW BAD THEY SMELLED, with absolutely everyone at the scene gagging from the stench including robust military types and doctors. It was surreal, I have never seen anything like that regarding bodies from any disaster. There is no way that kind of rot could have set in in such a short time unless the bodies were indeed dead long before the shoot down.

It is extremely important to re-enforce reality with the fact that the bodies were rotten, because this proves beyond any doubt that THIS WAS NOT FLIGHT MH17, THERE IS NO POSSIBLE CONCIEVABLE WAY IT WAS NO MATTER WHAT STORIES ARE SPUN AND THEORIES ARE PRESENTED. I could care less what the MSM spins about this, the rotten bodies alone renders everything else irrelevant. There is no middle ground to be had with this.

July 23 coverage starts here

About the different paint jobs –

As you go through the different pictures of MH17, you need to remember that MH17 was a 17 year old aircraft that has been painted many times. This was NOT the case for flight 370, it was never repainted because it was almost new. So the flag comparisons and window comparisons for flight 370 are legitimate, that is the way it always looked and it never looked any different, and that is why I am flatly stating the photos prove the shot down plane is flight 370.

There were hundreds of mails today which I cannot answer because I am now on the road documenting the illegal immigrant children story. But I am going to declare the photos prove it is indeed flight 370, because rest assured as a supposedly normally scheduled flight, MH17 was canceled that day, and they did not have a supply of dead and rotten bodies for MH17, which flight 370 is highly probable to have had. Add to this the other anomalies, such as flown 200 KM off course into a war zone, the fact flight 370 needed to be disposed of, the fact that it has been declared that a legitimate investigation can never be done, the fact that it had two escorts which prove Ukraine did it and not Russia, the coincidental timing with the death sentence for Gaza, to keep that out of the news and well, what more would anyone need to confirm this? The perfectly matching paint to what flight 370 always had is the bonus clue, in my opinion it is all clear enough to start hanging people,

It is said that dead men can tell no tales, but when they are a planeload of rotting bodies that should have been perfectly fresh, THAT ALONE SAYS IT ALL, from THAT ALONE you can declare this plane to be flight 370, HOW ELSE COULD IT BE? Undead Zombies DID NOT board MH17.

This web site will be updated daily during the travels required to do the immigrant children report, if updates stop expect something to be amiss. As far as flight MH17 goes, it is pointless to keep digging more evidence, it is far beyond proven already and as far as Gaza goes, Israel totally annihilated the place under the cover of the MH17 story and I expect there to be over 20,000 dead and suspect a far higher number. The Mexican television showed it all, IT IS FAR BEYOND ANYTHING BEING STATED ON THE WEB, Gaza is horrific beyond belief after what Israel did and the rockets are easily proven false flag attacks, but what can I do about Gaza other than tell people what reality is there? I suspect the actual goal is total expulsion of all inhabitants live or dead.

A quick sailent point came in as I rapidly scan the mail and look at 2 percent or so – This happened but I did not mention it but it really nails the story another time:

Afa wrote: Further to the post today regarding the photo proof:

Here is another picture that from “Dutch passenger Cor Pan” making a claim “this is what it looks like in case it goes down” and posted the following pictures.

I didn’t think anything of it till today. Look at the windows!!!!! From your photos you posted it looks like mh370

My response: The real smoking gun with the photo referenced by Afa is the fact that the plane’s identification number was enough into the photo to prove it was not MH17 OR flight 370. So the question is: WHY WAS THIS DONE TO BEGIN WITH if this was not all pre-planned and as part of the psy op the think tank behind it did not want a little drama in the mix? The plane actually photographed had not flown for six days and did not fly even two days after the shoot down. This entire MH17 deal was planned well ahead of time, with groundwork being laid days in advance.

Though the photo Afa is referring to does nothing to change the comparison between flight 370 or MH17, it does stand in the evidence pool that a well planned psy op with plenty of details was under development long before any shoot down happened, yet another piece of evidence to consider.

Source: Jim Stone Freelance




  1. Dear Jim Stone:
    Thanks for the detailed work. I suspected as much already from the analysis of the windows by the flag and door. From other photos MH17 had the window closest to the door painted white to make it look like mh370.
    The flag position in relation to the windows proves it and the fact that eye witnesses said that the bodies that fell through people’s house’s roofs stank like they were dead already for more than several days suggests that those bodies were from mh370 and thus the plane was mh370, not mh17. Also an Israeli company had a duplicate of mh370 in a hangar in Tel Aviv. Then a duplicate mh370 plane also flew around Amsterdam when NATO members and their representatives were having a NATO war games meeting at the time. All coincidences: I think not. Thanks. Chris Bollyn. NATO, the Ukrainian government and the Obama administration are lying. Thank, Norbert.

  2. Keep in mind that the temperature at the crash site was over 35c during these past few days (about 95 F). A dead body left at that temperature would start to smell in a matter of hours. In 20 to 30 hours, the decomposition would be so bad, that it would make it difficult even to move the body without damaging it.

    I believe that it was over 20 hours before they even found the plane.

  3. George Idits on

    According to (http://flightaware.com/live/flight/MAS17) MH17 flew July 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, & 24 from Schiphol to Kuala Lumpur. Today when I opened the site above that I had saved in favorites, the site for MH17 flight tracker opened up showing MH19 instead of MH17 that had previously shown up all along with regular MH17 schedule from Schiphol to Kuala Lumpur every time I opened the webpage.

    Malaysia Airlines announced a press release on its website July 20 that MH17 would be changed to MH19 in respect for dead passengers & crew members by July 25. However, when I went back to the releases to find the press release, it had been replaced with a different post talking about numbers for families to call about MH17. So July 18-24, MH17 flights were shown “en route” or “landed an hour ago”. However, on July 17, flightware status for MH17 said, “result unknown”. Do you find that strange, knowing the MAS plane was “shot-down”? Today (7-25) on flight aware site, it shows that MH17 Status: “arrived yesterday”. When I looked at the page on July 24 the Status was “Arrived on Time”. I just pulled the page up and it shows that MH19 Status: “arrived 3 hours ago”. So MH17 has been changed to MH19 and still flying the same schedule it had always flown as MH17.

    What we need to know is the Tail# of MH17 that has continued to fly since July 18 and the Tail # of MH18 the same. Since M9-MRD was listed as the Tail # of MH17, how the hell did that Tail # show up on the ground in Ukraine????

    Tail # M9-MRD was listed as being the cancelled flight on July 17 on Flight Trader 24 (http://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/mh17/). So how did M9-MRD Tail # end up in Ukraine at the crash site if the flight had been cancelled. The Tail #’s of flights listed on Flight Trader since July 17 are not shown at all.

    On July 17, I began looking at pictures posted on the web that showed bodies with severe rigamortis as it clearly showed limbs frozen in odd positions. One male was extremely swollen and looked like the body was ready to explode. The body also had a severe laceration to the upper right thigh that was gapped open & bloodless. There was also one male who was totally naked. I knew immediately that those bodies were already dead before the crash. My inquisitive mind automatically took me to MH370, which I believe was flown to Garcia Diego Air Base and hidden in a large hanger, and the bodies were store in a cooler or freezer. The plane could have been remotely controlled & taken up to 45,000 feet until all the passengers on board died. Also, interesting is a “twin” plane to 370 was also seen in a hanger in Israel, purchased from a company in Florida.

    My questions are:
    If the downed flight had a tail # M9-MRD associated with MH17, how could MH17, that has not missed a day of scheduled flights from Schiphol to Kuala Lumpur since July 17 have been shot down over Ukraine? MH17 is now flying under the identity of MH19 beginning today, July 25 according to http://flightaware.com/live/flight/MAS17.

    How did the stack of pristine passports shown on MSM have come from a flight that crashed and burned? The pictures of personal belongings were also too clean & intact to have fallen from 33,000 feet. The shirt that said “I Love ?” would not have spread out in perfect display if it had tumbled out of a suitcase.

    Regardless of the propaganda surrounding the downed plane, it would have been a perfect way to dispose of MH370 & its dead passengers. The contractor that controls the loading of the planes at Schiphol belongs to an Israeli company. That should tell us all we need to know.

  4. If what you are saying is true then how do you explain the flag? On the MH370 photo the flag is straight but in the MH17 photo the flag is on a slant – same as in the wreckage photo.

  5. This is a very interesting article. So what about the passengers and crew of MH17? Where are they?

  6. But there is Something else. One of the passengers posted a picture of the aircraft. This is a picture of the aircraft he said in case they lost it. Th reg. Numbers on the nose wheel Door are RC. The jet in ukraine has the numbe RD. So whe have a aircraft 9m-mrc on the foto on Schiphol. De crashed 9m-mrd in ukraine. Acording to flight data 9m-mrc flew every day. There is data for every day Exept for the 17th. So how could it be at the gate ready for depature (picture from person Who borded MH17) while there is a 9m-mrd in the fieldwork in ukraine.

  7. Hate to be the one who spoils the fun, but I just checked the facts on this…no conspiracy at all. The MH17 does NOT have a window behind the flag and the flags positioning is NOT inconsistent with photos from the wreckage. The person who created this conspiracy theory takes the picture flight MH17 jet from 2003, which is BEFORE it was given a noticeably different paint job in 2005 and then repainted again sometime between 2006 and 2013. Here are all the links to major plan photographer websites showing the plane’s different paint schemes over the years.

    Here is the one in 2003, which is the one used in the conspiracy theory (pic is over 10 years old)

    Here is the new paint job given to this jet in 2005

    And here is the most recent paint job which clearly shows no glass window behind the flag next to the window

    AND the picture the kid took of MH17 before it left on the day of the flight…also clearly shows no window there. And yes, it is hard to read the “RD” in this pic, but it is RD although it kind of looks like RC because of the sun glare

    no conspiracy…darn.

    • The Event Chronicle on

      I’m quite certain that no one here considers the death of 290+ human beings as “fun”. I encourage open discussion and appreciate critical thinking skills, but there’s really no reason to be so smug.

  8. Considering the bodies are going home to families and being analysed for identification Holland and in turn their home countries… It is pretty amazing that they can get all people involved to remain silent to fit your theory.

  9. Very interesting site!
    I can only find comments about the (extra) window on the right-side of the door being covered or open regarding to M9-MRD (flight MH-17). Can someone explain the other window just at the LEFT-side of the door. The image at http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-HMxzAQmFjnk/U9N61naShII/AAAAAAAAO_U/9J6pqgzPXTc/s1600/original+and+photoshoped+mh17+mh370.jpg shows an open window just LEFT of the door. A most recent image of M9-MRD also shows a closed window just LEFT of the door ( http://www.airliners.net/photo/Malaysia-Airlines/Boeing-777-2H6-ER/1454714/L/&sid=43a4181f42dc3b4030da4f71a014c3c7 ).
    Flight 370 also has a coverd window just left of the door ( http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-lnlcx72TmCc/U9Fe17xuOQI/AAAAAAAAO8I/eJhEQemQ65I/s1600/MH370+photo.jpg ).

  10. “Now it is being said that a Dutch doctor who was at the scene within a day has released testimony that the bodies on the plane were rotten and dead days before the crash”

    I would very much see this statement as I am a Dutch citizen and a college of my was on flight MH17 with his family.

    I dare you to produce this testimony !