Project Camelot: Flight 17 Shot Down by Russians

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Here’s an interesting tidbit. Is it true? I have no idea, but I’ll be listening to Kerry’s interview with Simon Parkes when she posts it. — Editor

(Kerry Cassidy) This past weekend I interviewed Simon Parkes at the Bases Conference in Marlborough, England.  This was a fascinating coversation and I will be posting it in the next few days.

One important piece of information came forward from this interview which is that Flight MH 17 was shot down by a Russian plane because it was headed to a Russian city being armed as a biowarfare dirty bomb.  The flight did contain bodies that had long been dead from Flight MH 370 and it was aimed and outfitted by the Mossad.  Sadly the passengers were killed as ‘collateral damage’ in an effort to create a 911 in Russia with the intention of sparking WWIII.

This information comes from a man who has high level contacts in the British government.  Simon Parkes, a British city councillor, comes from an illuminati bloodline.  He was trained in occult Magic from a young age by his Grandfather, a British Diplomat and Freemason who worked for MI6 and his mother, who worked for MI5.  More to come…

Source: Kerry Cassidy — Project Camelot



  1. Sorry but I just don’t buy this at all. This was clearly a false flag attempt to vilify Russia/Putin as a means of getting Europe on board with mass-sanctions. I think a Plan B “biowarfare dirty bomb” scenario may have been in play but with Iran as the target.

  2. Dear Event Chronicle:
    I still think Simon Parkes is a disinformation shill for the Global Zionist Cabal Bankster Elite. It is only because of people like Chris Bollyn and Jim Stone, that there is a possibility that MH17 was actually MH370. Plus there were reports from Ukrainian eyewitnesses of the crash of MH17 that the bodies recovered smelled like those bodies were dead for several days already just after the crash. Plus the pictures of the MH17 plane at Schipol Airport were taken by someone who was an Israeli citizen. I smell Mossad agent here. Then also a prominant passenger onboard MH17 was an expert on Microbiology and Infectious Diseases , ie. Ebola virus, with some connection to George Soros. With the recent Ebola crisis in west Africa, perhaps George Soros had that expert killed. Also the security at Schipol Airport is done by an Israeli company ICTS, so that something or someone was snook aboard that flight MH17. All this suggests some credibility that perhaps Israel helped America and NATO through the Poroshenko proxy Kiev government to down MH17. Also most of the Ukrainian oligarchs are of jewish descent. Then also recently the Israeli government finally admitted that most israeli jews are actually Khazars, a turkic people from Ukrainian/Georgian territory of the 8th and 9th century AD at which time they converted to judaism. This has now been proven through genetic testing. So now Israel wants to send some of its settlers to Ukraine. These Khazars moved into eastern Europe and became the Ashkenazi jews of today, which is the majority of jews in Israel, Europe and America. Thus most modern Jews are not actually Jews. References from the Bible, Revelation chapter 2 and 3, confirm this as stated that there are Jews that claim to be Jews but are not and are part of the Synagogue of Satan. Thus the evil hand of the Jew is everywhere. Remember modern jews do not follow the Torah but the Talmud, which is evil Babylonian mysticism similar to what the Roman Catholic Church follows. Thanks, Norbert.

  3. Dear Event Chronicle:
    To add to my previous post, I forgot to mention why Malaysia Airlines is being targetted. In the fall of 2013, the International Criminal Court and Tribunal based in Malaysia, rendered a nonbinding decision against Israel for commiting crimes against humanity, war crimes against Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza. Thus Israel’s reputation is damaged. Israel retaliated and is declaring war on Malaysia and its very reputable airline. Thanks, Norbert

    • The Event Chronicle on

      Norbert, I tried to email you but my email was returned. I would like permission to publish your comments as a separate post with supporting links. You can contact me at: editor @ Thank you.

      • Dear editor:
        If you have the supporting links for my statements and comments then go ahead. Besides, I am not anti-semitic, I do not hate jews and I am not against Zionists. However, since the time of Mayer Amschel Bauer (aka Rothschild) Banksters and the Jesuit/Illuminati Adam Weishaupt joined forces to push a Zionist agenda that comes from the Babylonian mysticism roots for the evil Talmud, real jews and christians have been hijacked toward a satanic agenda for the future. Alternative media and Biblical research help to put the pieces together for the real story of current events and humanities future. With alternative media (Internet)
        showing people the truth, one wonders how long true freedom will last on the Internet before Net Neutrality (Censorship and Control) will bury the truth with lies and disinformation just like in the MSM does at present. Thanks, Norbert.

  4. Very good info from Norbert. The Kazars were pagan, warlike people who practiced phallic worship and converted to Talmudism (known in modern times as Judaism) in the Eighth Century in order to avoid becoming subordinated by Christianity (Rome) or Islam (the Caliph of Baghdad) who aimed to destroy them. Kazaria was a major world power back then. Arthur Koestler wrote a terrific book about their history called ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’.