Guatemala ‘Volcano of Fire’ spews ash 7km into skies in furious eruption

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Fuego Volcano has again put on an incredible display of fire and smoke as it continued to light up the skies over Guatemala. Here is its most recent eruption, when lava and ash shot 7 kilometers (4 miles) into the air.

The truly dramatic volcanic activity took place on Sunday night.

Located some 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the capital, Guatemala City, the mountain, which literally means the Volcano of Fire in Spanish, has been occasionally erupting across 2015. It has been especially active for at least a month now.

No evacuation was declared, but locals had been warned to be watchful and stay away. Guatemala’s Volcanological Institute warned flights to avoid any contacts with the ash cloud.

In February 2015, Fuego Volcano’s eruption forced evacuation of nearly 100 residents and brief cancellation of several flights as Guatemala’s main airport.

Source: RT News


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