Obama Continues ‘National Emergency with Respect to Cuba’

Obama signed and sent a notice to US Congress to continue the national emergency with respect to Cuba.

(Sputnik) The US President Barack Obama signed and sent a notice to US Congress to continue the national emergency with respect to Cuba, according to the White House.

“I am continuing the national emergency with respect to Cuba and the emergency authority relating to the regulation of the anchorage and movement of vessels,” Obama wrote in his notice on Wednesday.

The national emergency with respect to Cuba was declared in 1996 in response to the destruction of two unarmed US-registered civilian aircraft in international airspace north of the island country.

In 2004, the national emergency was expanded to deny monetary and material support to the Cuban government.

“The Cuban government has not demonstrated that it will refrain from the use of excessive force against US vessels or aircraft that may engage in memorial activities or peaceful protest north of Cuba,” Obama said.

However, on December 17, President Obama announced his new policy to normalize relations between Washington and Havana, which includes travel and trade ease and reopening a US embassy in Cuba.

Source: Sputnik News

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