Death Bed? Queen Elizabeth STILL not well enough to attend church on New Year’s Day

Buckingham Palace forced to confirm the Queen is not dead after Twitter hoax

Rumors that Queen Elizabeth II died over Christmas spread across Twitter on Thursday evening after a hoax BBC account published a fake death alert.

Conspiracy theorists accused the media of a cover-up, which they alleged would last until 8:00am Friday morning, using the hashtag #mediablackout to spread their claims.

The fake Twitter account, @BBCNewsUKI, which has since been suspended, tweeted: “BREAKING: Buckingham Palace announces the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 90. Circumstances are unknown. More to follow.” 

In the year of fake news and celebrity deaths, the suggestion that the Queen had died spread across social media like wildfire.

Buckingham Palace said on Friday she had not passed away but “continues to recover from a heavy cold,”according to the Independent.Her Majesty was absent from the Christmas church service at Sandringham on Christmas Day for the first time in nearly 30 years due to her illness.

The Monarch and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, fell ill before Christmas.She has not appeared in public since becoming unwell.

However, the annual Queen’s speech was still broadcast on Christmas Day, in which she said that we could not solve global problems “on our own.”

“Even with the inspiration of others, it’s understandable that we sometimes think the world’s problems are so big that we can do little to help.

“On our own, we cannot end wars or wipe out injustice, but the cumulative impact of thousands of small acts of goodness can be bigger than we imagine.”

It’s not the first time the Queen’s “death” has been reported.

BBC reporter Ahmen Khawaja last year tweeted: “Queen Elizabrth (sic) has died: @BBCWorld.”

She later admitted she hadn’t realized that a royal obituary rehearsal she was watching in the BBC studio was not in fact the real thing.

Source: RT News

Continues from Mail Online…

The Queen may STILL not be well enough to attend church on New Year’s Day a week after she missed Christmas prayers with a ‘heavy cold’

  • No decision yet on whether the monarch will be well enough to attend service
  • The sovereign was forced to delay her Christmas plans because of a ‘heavy cold’
  • The illness meant the Queen missed the traditional Christmas Day service

By Matt Hunter

The Queen could miss the annual New Year’s Day service in Sandringham as she continues to recover from a ‘heavy cold’.

Buckingham Palace said a decision had yet to be taken on whether the 90-year-old monarch would be well enough to attend.

The sovereign and Prince Philip, 95, were forced to delay their journey to their usual Christmas residence in Norfolk because of what was officially called ‘heavy colds’.

The illness meant the Queen missed the traditional Christmas Day service for the first time in 28 years, although Philip had recovered sufficiently to make an appearance.

He was seen walking to St Mary Magdalene church as usual on Christmas morning with Prince Charles, Prince Harry and other family members.

It has now been 11 days since the Queen has been seen in public.

A palace spokeswoman said she was unable to confirm or deny if the Queen would be going to the 16th century church for the New Year’s Day service.

The spokeswoman said: ‘The Queen is continuing to recover from her heavy cold and is still in residence at Sandringham.’

She added the Duke of Edinburgh was also continuing to recover.

A Royal aide added: ‘We probably will not know what is happening until the morning.’

If the Queen does attend church, it is possible she will be joined by Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge who spent Christmas with the Middleton family in Berkshire.

The Queen and Philip are believed to have spent most of the last week staying indoors together at Sandringham House.

It is also believed the Queen has not been seen going around the 20,000-acre Royal estate as usual.

But Philip is thought to have joined other members of the Royal family on their traditional Boxing Day pheasant shoot.

The Queen and Philip were due to catch a train from London to King’s Lynn on December 21.

But police waiting for them at King’s Cross station and in King’s Lynn were stood down shortly before their train was due to leave.

Instead the couple were flown directly from Buckingham Palace to Sandringham by helicopter the following day.

The 110 twin-engined Sikorsky S-76C helicopter from The Queen’s Helicopter Flight with a top speed of 178mph took just 40 minutes to make the 110 mile flight.

Buckingham Palace was forced to confirm that the Queen had not died this week after hoaxers announced her ‘death’ in a fake BBC Twitter account.

Source: Mail Online


  1. Well, if this reptile is seriously ill. Expect to hear of children going missing in the uk. Only to be found dead later on. Exactly as happened with the reptile “queen mother”. They did a rejuvenation rite using two children. Which they framed Ian Huntley for. It was believed the demon they were desperate to save, was put into Hillary Clinton. But I don’t know for certain
    It’s never nice to say, but I really hope this vile character and her Elm guest house regular visiting husband both leave this realm ASAP

  2. It is a 2 1/2 hour trip to go from the Queen’s normal residence to an alternate royal residence for the Christmas holiday. A bad cold does not stop the normal person from making such a trip if necessary. Obviously many of us do choose down time however, being the Queen she could have easily asked the family festivities be held in a large room somewhere in that great big castle of hers so she could at least say hello. Of course, now that the holidays are over and she has removed herself from a host of charities she is suddenly “feeling better.” She’s not expected to be seen in public and her age is undeniably advanced, and certain symptoms of illness may be present in her recent photos where she appears stooped and dead eyed. It’s just a matter of time.