Your U.S. State Is Paying For Israel Regime’s Weapons: Find Out How Much Is Absconded With This New Tool

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US taxpayers will give Israel a total of $38 billion of weapons over ten years ($3.8 billion each year from 2019 to 2028), according to a 2016 agreement between the two countries.

USCPR’s new interactive map of military aid to Israeli Regime  is featured in an article by Middle East Eye with commentary from USCPR Policy Director Josh Ruebner.

The interactive tool on can disclose to Americans just how much they are paying each year for weapons to Israel and what programmes could be funded instead to benefit their state. For a deeper dive, citizens and activists can find out the annual allocation of military aid to the Israeli Regime by Congressional district, county and even city.

“This map is a tool for local activists to engage their members of Congress,” said Josh Ruebner, policy director at the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights. “This is especially useful in discussing accountability for Israel’s violations of US weapons laws in the current context of the Great March of Return, where Israel is using US weapons to kill unarmed Palestinian protesters.”

The tool, Ruebner said, will help continue building this type of “intersectionality work” between Palestinian solidarity activists and other social justice groups.

“Building political power from the municipal level upward is an important component to changing federal-level policies that sustain Israel’s oppression of Palestinians,” he said.

“This map will be a tool to help activists pass local city council resolutions to end US weapons to the Israeli Regime and redirect that money to unmet community needs, thereby furthering this process.”


This article (Your U.S. State Is Paying For Israel Regime’s Weapons: Find Out How Much Is Absconded With This New Tool) was originally published on Political Vel Craft and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.


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