Giddy Up! U.S. Attorney John Lausch Assigned To Document Production…

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By The Last Refuge

[Today] Attorney General Jeff Sessions will announce the assignment of U.S. Attorney John Lausch to facilitate the production of documents from the DOJ (Horowitz/Huber) to the House Judiciary Committee, and Chairman Bob Goodlatte.

Mr. Lausch is a Trump appointed U.S. Attorney from outside Washington DC.  John Lausch currently heads the Northern District of Illinois which includes Chicago, and this specific U.S. Attorney has extensive experience in complex cases of conspiracy and political corruption; a key skill-set given the issues within the Horowitz/Huber investigation of potential politicization of the FBI and DOJ offices.

Accepting the OIG report is almost certainly the most complex undertaking of IG Horowitz career; and accepting the multitude of possible angles within each section of the investigative inquiry are so consequential; there’s a strong likelihood the report could come out in stages.

Just the sheer process of an ordinarily complex Office of Inspector General report with the inherent investigative fact-audit, draft-report review, reference fact-check, preliminary draft vetting, and subsequent final draft review and audit is exhaustive in itself.

Now imagine overlaying that report process atop each of the topics behind millions of pages of gathered evidence, thousands of pages of testimony and witness statements, on multiple investigative issues – all surrounding the FBI and DOJ-NSD conduct.

Each of these aspects is an investigation unto itself: •Clinton email, manipulated investigations with predetermined outcomes; •unlawful and coordinated media leaks; •false testimony to FBI, congress and under oath to IG; •manipulated FBI 302 reports; •Willful corruption by AD-Andrew McCabe, D-Comey etc.. and if that’s not complex enough to report about…. overlay the •issues with the FISA court; •false presentations; •source material (Steele Dossier); and well, you get the picture…. This is massive and complex.

There’s a phase in the OIG report process where statements of fact go through an exhaustive draft vetting process within agency. The “source vetting” or “reference-audit” phase is part of the target -and internal review audit- prior to final draft & ultimately publication.

The raw investigative information, used as the foundation for the report, has to be vetted, re-checked, verified and reviewed for placement and footnotes in the draft report, before ANY of that source information is released.

FBI Director Christopher Wray previously assigned 54 staff to go through the IG source draft information (investigative documents) to validate baseline facts prior to release to congress. This process also scans for classified information.

These FBI staff are vetting the underlying evidence that’s noted in Horowitz’s draft notification document. Remember, many of these elements are also potentially criminal actions individually; and quite likely, in the aggregate, also the broad outlines of a criminal conspiracy amid all of the participants.

However, given the reality that politicization of the FBI and DOJ underpins the origination of the investigation that generated the underlying evidence, in order to ensure any internal FBI conflicts do not arise amid document selection, John Lausch will be involved.

U.S. Attorney Lausch review will ensure the FBI does not hide, or marginalize any OIG investigative findings.

You can call it a soft-coup, or you can call it politicization of the DOJ and FBI, but the end result is the same – the intentional effort to manipulate, influence, and ultimately subvert an election for the presidency of the United States.

The first series of those DOJ/FBI document releases will likely happen tomorrow, April 9th, or shortly thereafter.  Another part of John Lausch responsibilities is likely to aide in separating the criminal evidence from within the document production. While these productions are *NOT* the IG report itself, these productions are some of the underlying evidence that underpins chapters of the IG report.

The fingerprints of criminal evidence might be noticed in the corners of the release(s); however, the direct evidence of criminal conduct will not be released. Part of Lausch’s independent responsibility will be to preserve the integrity of any needed criminal evidence. Nothing connected to the ongoing John Huber grand jury presentations will be released.

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