Haitian Senate President Exposes Clinton Foundation: “Hillary Clinton Tried To Bribe Me!”

By Zero Hedge

Former Haitian President of Senate is speaking out to tell the truth about Clinton Foundation at a Trump event! The former president said that Clinton was trying to buy him. She tried to appeal to him (bribe him).

She defrauded the people of Haiti… 

“I spent 4 hours with Bill Richardson to tell Bill Clinton not to invade Haiti. 

A week later the embassy called me and told me that Bill Clinton has a messenger for him. 

He came and told me to sign with Bill Clinton, join his movement and Clinton will make me the richest man in Haiti.

I told him he is a principled man and I will not sell out…

A week later, Clinton revoked my visa.”

He just challenged Trump to ask Hillary Clinton to publish the audit of all the money they have stolen from Haiti in 2010.

h/t Jim Quinn ‘s The Burning Platform blog

Source: Zero Hedge

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