Hillary Clinton Just Announced Her New Book… And Twitter Is Trolling

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By Carey Wedler

Hillary Clinton can’t catch a break. The 2016 presidential loser is still more unpopular than Donald Trump, one of the most unpopular presidents in history. So it’s no surprise that on Thursday, upon announcing the title of her latest book, What Happened, the former senator and secretary of state was attacked by an army of Twitter trolls.

The backlash ranged from typical right-wing talking points to legitimate critiques of Clinton’s many flawed and establishment policies, and head and founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange, who played a substantial role in destroying her campaign last year, came out to join the trolling festivities. The most popular hashtags were #WhatHappened and #BetternamesforHillarysbook.

Some tweets simply mocked her for losing and her recent refusal to accept her major role in that defeat:

As to be expected, right-wing corners of the internet cited some jarring incidents from her campaign, including apparent evidence that pointed to her ailing health. Throughout the campaign, a popular narrative suggested she was gravely ill, a claim largely bolstered by footage of her inability to stand and walk on her own:


Some tapped into widespread Islamophobia that attracted many voters to Donald Trump (though, unfortunately, hardly any tweets recognized that her hawkish foreign policy has spurred terrorism):


Others slammed the Clinton campaign’s heavy reliance on feminist messaging:



In Anti-Media’s opinion, some of the better troll tweets touched on Clinton’s violent and corrupt policies:



Others focused on the accusations surrounding the mysterious death of former DNC employee Seth Rich, who is rumored to have been behind some of the emails released by Wikileaks — accusations the mainstream media has vehemently dismissed as conspiracies:

Some tweets showed support for Hillary, predictably parroting her campaign slogan and talking points from the same media establishments that pushed her campaign so aggressively:

The delusions also came from Trump supporters, many of whom apparently remain convinced that Donald Trump is the country’s savior and will still prosecute Hillary Clinton — as he promised on the campaign trail — despite his weak flip flopping on the subject and previous ties to the Democratic party:

The best tweets, hands down, came from Julian Assange and Wikileaks:

Ultimately, it matters little who took the Oval Office. Trump has failed to drain the swamp Clinton enthusiastically swam in, the Saudi connection she was widely condemned for has continued, and the wars she advocated show no signs of stopping. But that clearly won’t stop the internet from trolling one of the most hated political figures in recent memory.

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