Jesuit Involvement in NINTH CIRCLE Rituals at the Mohawk School is Confirmed

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(Kevin Annett — ITCCS) Jesuit involvement in the NINTH CIRCLE rituals at the Mohawk school is confirmed in correspondence from school Principals as far back as 1922. Similar Jesuit sacrificial rituals involving small children and newborns at Catholic Indian schools in South Dakota and Omak, Washington are attested by eyewitness Clarita Vargas in an affidavit entered into our docket material.

Further evidence in this case will be disclosed in upcoming Agency Bulletins.

Issued by the Public Information Agency of the Office of the Chief Prosecutor

29 March, 2014, Brussels, Belgium

Endorsement of Mohawk school excavation by tribal elders, bones from dig

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Buttons from dig and eyewitness

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Bones from dig and first TV broadcast of evidence

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Vatican attempts court sabotage

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Source: ITCCS
Via: Kauilapele


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