February 19, 2019

Kissinger summoned to Trump Tower for private meeting

Kissinger summoned to Trump Tower for private meeting

Trump to meet ‘war criminal,’ globalist figurehead, for advice on China

NEW YORK (INTELLIHUB) — Henry Kissinger is set to meet with the President-elect Tuesday, inside Trump Tower, to talk about foreign policy and U.S.-China relations

The President-elect was reported to have called on Kissinger, who formerly served as Secretary of State from 1973 and 1977, to ask his advice, despite the fact that many believe that Kissinger is a ‘war criminal,’ as the controversial book The Trial of Henry Kissinger points out.

At an event Monday, Kissinger said, “At this moment I’ve been very impressed at the calm reaction of the Chinese leadership, which suggests a determination to see whether a calm dialogue can be developed.”

Trump has suffered some backlash from supporters and members of the press for inserting globalist picks into his cabinet.

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  • Well, it would be so interesting to be a fly on wall at their meeting.

    “Listen, asshole, I could never stand your ugly face, but this time I’m in dire straits. I wanna survive, so, please, help my ass out of the coming purge, then I will urge the Clinton bastards not to kill you. Deal?”
    “Sure, Henry. Why not.”

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