Russ Baker Talks Russiagate, Mob Links with Sean Stone

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The key to understanding the Trump-Russia entanglements requires going back long before the 2016 presidential campaign, and looking at the parade of organized crime figures who passed through Trump Tower — or in some cases, did business with the Trump Organization, and even Trump himself.

Many of these shady figures stem from the countries of the former Soviet Union, have ties to the oligarchs and, through them, to the Kremlin itself. And there’s an FBI angle.

WhoWhatWhy has been at the forefront of investigating these astonishing relationships.

In this television interview, remarkably aired on the Russian-run English language news network RT, host Sean Stone asks Russ Baker about these issues, and deserves credit for doing so. However — references to oligarchs with ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin and to organized crime were edited out by RT.

This article (Russ Baker Talks Russiagate, Mob Links with Sean Stone) was originally published on WhoWhatWhy and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


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  1. I’ve always believe that ANYONE that becomes as wealthy as Trump is (Billionaires) HAS to become “Corrupted” to even get there. As detailed in the documentary “Myth of Authority” Governments are by their very nature are corrupt as we are seeing around the world today. Billionaires are connected to governments and banking in a BIG way, therefore have to be just as corrupt.
    You can also include RELIGION in this group of VERY corrupt groups…ALL controlled by the Vatican since 1982/3
    Its not secret to truly informed people that Governments and Religion are all about CONTROL of people which they NEVER had “Rights” to do in the first place (Divine rights of Kings BS).
    Both use their very wealth to control everyone on earth, via the “Babylonian MONEY Slave system” (Banking)..So there is such thing as so-called “Good Government” as it sit NOW…Government & Religion are MEAN “Mind Control.
    SOON, Both will be Removed for something MUCH better…Reconnection with “Prime Source Creator” where they will become obsolete.