By Jim Holt

Twitter sent out notices to several investigative reporters and media outlets last week including: Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Kim DotCom, Cassandra Fairbanks, Roger Stone, Matt Couch and The Gateway Pundit.

The liberal and Democrat-connected attorneys for Aaron Rich are demanding Twitter turn over all direct messages from these accounts to Aarron Rich’s attorneys.

Aaron is the brother of Seth Rich, the DNC operative who was murdered mysteriously in the summer of 2016. There have been no leads to the murder of Seth Rich. Aaron Rich is suing conservative activists and media outlets for allegedly spreading conspiracy theories about the slain staffer.

Last Friday Twitter sent out letters to several conservatives and media outlets including Wikileaks informing the account owners that the attorneys for Aaron Rich are seeking information from the private accounts.

Here is a copy of the subpoena to Twitter.

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Attorney Robert Barnes weighed in on the outrageous demands by the Obama attorneys.


The Seth Rich attorneys dropped the subpoena of Twitter text messages from Wikileaks, Kim DotCom, Julian Assange, Cassandra Fairbanks, Roger Stone, Matt Couch and The Gateway Pundit.

Here is a copy of the email we received today from Twitter.

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