February 18, 2019

By Sputnik International

The United States calls on all the countries to abandon the existing trade barriers and tariffs or Washington could take new responsive steps against them, US President Donald Trump said.

“The United States is insisting that all countries that have placed artificial Trade Barriers and Tariffs on goods going into their country, remove those Barriers & Tariffs or be met with more than Reciprocity by the U.S.A,” Trump said Sunday on his Twitter account.

In recent months, the United States itself announced a number of tariffs on imports from other states, particularly from China.

The trade war between the United States and China erupted in March, after Trump, who has repeatedly pledged to fix the US trade deficit with China, announced that his administration would impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.

On June 15, Trump said that the United States would impose 25-percent tariffs on $50 billion worth of technology goods from China, effective from July 6, prompting Beijing to swiftly levy symmetrical tariffs on 659 items of US goods worth a total of about $50 billion.

Trump continued the trade spat on Monday, by instructing US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to identify $200 billion worth of Chinese goods to prepare additional tariffs at a rate of 10 percent. Beijing again pledged to take tough response measures if Washington imposed new tariffs on its goods.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said in a statement on Friday that if the European Union does not remove tariffs and trade barriers against the United States soon, his administration will place a 20 percent tariff on all cars coming from the EU.

On Wednesday, US media reported Germany’s leading auto makers proposed scrapping the EU’s 10 percent tax and 2.5 percent tariff on car imports from the US.

As a prerequisite, the European Union want US President Donald Trump’s threat of imposing a 25 percent tax on EU auto imports to be taken off the table, the report said.

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