Trump Cleans Out Some Coup Plotters, Advances Peace & Dev’t Cooperation with Russia, China

Donald Trump, in the past [week], took initial steps towards throwing out the garbage in the intelligence community who have been part of the ongoing Color Revolution attempt against the U.S. government.

by LarouchePAC

Comey, together with former NSA chief Clapper, former CIA chief Brennan, and others, have openly participated in a coup attempt against President Trump, using wild lies and tactics last seen in the McCarthy era to terrorize the American population about the supposed danger of Russian aggression, and even Russian control over the U.S. government.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, following a highly productive meeting today with President Trump and Secretary Tillerson in the White House, usefully ridiculed this campaign. Responding to repeated questions from the whorish U.S. press to explain the fake news of Russian interference in the 2016 election, Lavrov responded:

“I think this is even humiliating for American people, to hear that U.S. internal affairs are being governed by Russia. How can it be that such a great nation is thinking in this way?”

EIR published an extensive dossier on Feb. 27, 2017, titled: “Obama and Soros — Nazis in Ukraine 2014, U.S. in 2017?” (PDF) The dossier documented that the same people and institutions which ran the neo-nazi coup against Ukraine in 2014 were attempting to carry out a similar Color Revolution against Trump — and for exactly same reason. As Russian Deputy Ambassador to the UN Security Council Vladimir Safronkov said to British Ambassador Rycroft on April 13:

“Your dream has slipped away, because we’re going to work with the United States. You’re afraid of this. You’re doing everything you can to sabotage this teamwork.”

The Russians understand that the British Empire is pulling out all the stops, even risking a nuclear war, to prevent Trump from leading the U.S. into a partnership with America’s historic and natural friends in Russia and China. This friendship would mean the end of the British Empire once and for all, ending the division of East and West, and bringing into being a new paradigm based on development and the mutual interests of all nations.

This is, of course, the New Silk Road — the One Belt One Road Initiative launched by China’s Xi Jinping, which will hold its first international conference in Bejing this coming weekend, with representatives from over 100 countries and 28 heads of state, planning a productive future for mankind and an end to the perpetual warfare of the imperial era.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, known as the “Silk Road Lady” in China, today reflected on the fact that, with Italian Prime Minister Gentiloni heading his nation’s delegation to the Belt and Road Forum, while former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin will represent France, and most other nations in Europe sending significant delegations, the historical momentum in Europe has shifted to the bright future of the New Silk Road.

Only Germany under Merkel seems to be stuck in the old paradigm, ranting about carbon rather than nation building. As yet, President Trump has not indicated whether he or any other U.S. delegation will attend, although China’s President and the Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. have renewed their invitation.

But Trump has unquestionably made the decision to reject the British gameplan, to dump the corrupt intelligence networks which have peddled the anti-Russia, pro-war propaganda on behalf of British intelligence, which has played the US as the “dumb giant” fighting its colonial wars, while preparing for nuclear war against China and Russia.

In Asia, the newly elected President Moon Jae-in was sworn in this morning, and immediately announced his commitment to restoring the “Sunshine Policy” toward North Korea, and to work with Trump toward a long-term solution on the Korean peninsula. Such a solution must be based on mutual development and assurances of sovereignty for the North in exchange for resolving the nuclear weapons issue.

Pyongyang has repeatedly stated that if the threats to their nation were permanently ended, a solution could be found. There is now the potential that the divided Korean nation, working with Xi, Putin, and Trump, and possibly Japan’s Shinzo Abe (who is close to both Putin and Trump), can begin the peace and development process which could eventually lead to reunification.

It’s time for President Trump to have that hamburger with Kim Jong-un.

We’ve seen this scenario before, when we separate Obama’s action from that of the warmongering chickenhawks. Will Trump respond positively to the call of the day, and put the Empire at bay?

This article (Trump Cleans Out Some Coup Plotters, Advances Peace & Dev’t Cooperation with Russia, China) was originally published on LarouchePAC and syndicated by The Event Chronicle. Found via Covert Geopolitics.


(Stillness in the Storm Editor) According a comment made by former CIA man Robert David Steele in early January 2017, the Trump White House was “penetrated” by deep state agents. He named Reince Priebus as one of these nefarious individuals. Now, days after Trump fired FBI director James Comey, he is considering the removal of other members of his cabinet. Could this indicate Trump is actually aware of the insidious influences of the shadow government?

Trump to Clean Out White House Cabinet? Priebus, Bannon, Spicer Could Be Fired

By Zero Hedge

In a report by Axios this morning, citing White House sources, President Trump is reportedly considering a “huge reboot” of his core staff and cabinet members that could lead to the termination of everyone from Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and chief strategist Steve Bannon, to counsel Don McGahn and press secretary Sean Spicer: “He’s frustrated, and angry at everyone.”

According to Axios, the conversations intensified this week as the fallout from the Comey firing “pushed the White House from chaos into crisis” and notes that Trump’s friends are telling him that many of his top aides don’t know how to work with him, pointing out that “his approval ratings aren’t rising, but the leaks are.” As a result the advice he’s getting is to “go big — that he has nothing to lose,” the confidant said. “The question now is how big and how bold. I’m not sure he knows the answer to that yet.”

Additionally, Trump reportedly feels he has been “ill-served” by several of his Cabinet officials.

Trump has two complaints about Cabinet members: Either they’re tooting their own horns too much, or they’re insufficiently effusive in praising him as a brilliant diplomat, etc. Among the cross-currents:

Under threat are some of his key economic and domestic policy advisors, including:

  • Wilbur Ross took what was perceived as a victory lap on a China trade announcement that does little new in actuality.
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a big announcement about increasing prison sentences, at the same time that Jared is working on criminal-justice reform.
  • HHS Secretary Tom Price shares the blame for the glacial pace of health-care legislation.

Axios notes three caveats:

  • i) no Cabinet member is expected to “go this soon”, even though a West Wing shuffle looks likely. “One obstacle to recruiting new top aides is finding people who would have real clout with a president not prone to enforced order”;
  • ii) it could be just Trump venting: “Trump often talks about firing people when things go south and does not follow through on it. So it’s possible these conversations are his way of venting, and seeking reassurance”
  • iii) any internal moves could take a while: “Trump heads out on his first international trip at the end of the week. Also, there’s an internal argument for minimizing drama by cutting people out of the information flow rather than firing them.”

In all, it appears that virtually everyone is in danger of losing their jobs, except for the core cadre of ex-Goldman advisors who have now effectively taken over Trump’s “circle of trust.” One other official winning Trump’s approval is SecState Rex Tillerson, who will be on “Meet The Press” this morning defending his boss.

While a major cabinet shakeup is possible, another major problem emerges, however: if Trump does purge Priebus and Bannon, gutting the core of his inner circle, what would be left is “a straight line of mid-30s family members with scant governing experience: Jared and Ivanka. So while the fighting and leaking might ease, the problems may not because it’s the president, not the staff, calling the shots.

In other words, Trump may unleash a firing spree, and shift the blame for the fallout from last week’s turbulent events to his top advisors, but once the internal purge is complete, it will be only Trump – and his immedite family members – left to take the blame… and there are still 3 years and 8 months left.

This article (“He’s Angry At Everyone”: Trump Said To Plan “Huge Reboot” – Priebus, Bannon, Spicer Could May Be Fired) was originally published on Zero Hedge and syndicated by The Event Chronicle. Found via Stillness in the Storm.

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