A Video That Reveals The Complete Charade That Is Politics

By Joe Martino

People ask me all the time: ‘Why don’t you vote?’ And every time, it comes down to the same feeling within myself. I choose not to be governed. I do not consent to giving up my power to people who take action in favour of their own ego, power, and profit. I don’t judge them for it, it’s simply an observation of the system at hand and a choice made based on that observation.

By now we must know, even if we might not like to admit it, that if anything could be changed through our current political establishment, it would have already, otherwise voting itself would likely be made illegal. Why? Because there is an established group out there that works and acts above government and makes the important choices in our world. Often called the Deep State, the Cabal, or the Illuminati, it’s out there, and the time of denying this basic fact has come to an end.

I felt inspired to shared this video because I believe we are in a time of great reflection in our world. Are we in a revolution? No. An evolution, perhaps, but this will not be something where we overthrow one system and replace it with another.

Our species is maturing, moving beyond things like politics, identifying with one creed or class or culture, and fighting over who’s right and who’s wrong. We’re moving beyond ego running our entire experience. Now is a time of taking responsibility for ourselves as beings having a human experience. We are shifting the ways we are doing things forever, and in an incredible way.

The video below is several months old, but reminds and helps us to reflect on how childish and ineffective the system we call politics truly is.

Something else to consider is the idea that, by voting, we agree to this system and we give our power to it. I’m not asking anyone to not vote out of hate or judgement of the system. I’m simply asking us to reflect on how it really works and really think about why nothing ever changes.

By giving up our power to a government, especially one that operates in this manner, we agree to this system and we ultimate agree to not take full responsibility for our own lives. As a result, we never truly grow up, which is why we still have this system in place.

This article (A Video That Reveals The Complete Charade That Is Politics) was originally published on Collective Evolution and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.


  1. Ahhh, Justin Trudeau, Mr. Transparency himself. He likely fancies himself world-class at equivocating but as this example clearly shows, it’s not hard to see through his bullshit. At least he makes the attempt to equivocate, his father simply gave the raised middle finger salute when confronted. I hope Canadians enjoy their legal weed, maybe it will help them forget that in exchange for it they gave the keys to the palace to a marxist traitor who has resolved to destroy his own nation.

  2. right you are. i have shared this around. you should get a few hits. here is a link to check out. i found it very interesting. he has a pdf file also that tells much too. let me know what you think , ok. –www.drboylan.com