Actor number two, Andy Moss, captured crying on-air with no tears

Actor number two, who also gave his eyewitness account of the Pulse nightclub shooting Sunday to the mainline press early on, has been identified as Andy Moss, who is a London-based actor, who has 98.6K followers on Twitter.

However, the problem is deciphering if Moss was acting or not when he appeared on CNN to give his ‘eyewitness’ account, where he appeared to be crying, but no tears could be seen.

During the interview, the reporter appeared to repeatedly coach the actor and even put the name of his supposed “best friend” into his mouth, after Moss apparently forgot his line.

“Chris Summers, is that right? You said you were there with your friend Chris Summers and you still don’t know where he is at right now, can you tell us a little about him,” the reporter asked in a coaxing manner.

“There is no bullet that could ever break a friendship that you have with somebody,” the actor Moss said, fomenting LGBT propaganda.

Moss has not Tweeted since the attack.

Actor number one was identified by Intellihub earlier Monday.

Source: Intellihub


  • If gay nightclub patron Andy Moss is actually British actor Andy Moss, the fact that his English accent is gone seems to me to answer the question of whether or not he was merely acting in the CNN report. The biggest thing these false flag attacks underlines in my mind is this: the general public is stupid beyond words. We have actor after actor popping up in these attacks and virtually nobody has the intelligence to figure out the game. I mean, when reporter Alison Parker was “shot to death” on live TV last year, a B-list actor from a Captain Crunch commercial showed up to play her grieving father! They are getting incredibly sloppy with these attacks because they seem to understand that the general public just is not smart enough to add 2 and 2. I’m at a loss to explain why western people have become so gullible.

    • It almost seems as if they are being blatantly obvious in an attempt to prove the ruse. Many western people no longer pay attention to the endless streams of mass-shootings, which have long since become an over-kill of bad reporting.

  • Has anyone compared the likeness of the two people called Andy Moss? There is no likeness between the man in the clip and the actor on Twitter. It would be good if your reporters did the slightest bit of research before making such statements. You can’t just rely on a Twitter name search to do the work for you. It’s hardly revalationary that two people might share the same name…

    • In a couple of the pics from his Twitter account there is a strong resemblance, but I’m not 100% convinced yet either. Keep in mind he is an actor, and actors specialize in altering their appearances and for every role. Maybe they finally hired a good actor.

  • The name of his friend does not show up on any casualty list I can find. However there is a gay porn star going by that name who is a doppleganger for Andy Moss.

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