Amazon AI Designed To Create Phone Cases Goes Hilariously Wrong

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This one’s just for fun to break up the afternoon. — Editor ?

By IFL Science

An Amazon AI bot that was created to design smartphone cases has gone delightfully and hilariously wrong. The Amazon bot is supposed to generate phone cases based on popular image searches, but unfortunately the bot seems to have gone awry and is now designing some bizarre phone cases, largely of a medical nature.

As a result, the phone cases from My-Handy-Design are pretty ridiculous. Some of our favorites include “cheese wheel on bady” and “adult diaper worn by old man with a crutch”. The photos would perhaps be useful in articles about cheese wheels or as adverts for adult diapers, but they don’t look so great on an iPhone 6.

The Amazon bot has generated thousands of phone cases, much to the bewilderment of shoppers. One reviewer, commenting on a phone case of someone preparing heroin for injection, stated: “Seriously? Come on!! This is ridiculous. You should be ashamed to offer this product. Trying to profit on the pain of others. And shame on Amazon for allowing this.”

The phone case currently has 3 stars.

This article (Amazon AI Designed To Create Phone Cases Goes Hilariously Wrong) was originally published on IFL Science and syndicated by The Event Chronicle. h/t Joseph P. Farrell.

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