Astrophysicist Asks: “Did A Solar-System-Wide Cataclysm Erase Evidence of a Prior Space-Faring Species?”

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By The Daily Galaxy

One of the primary open questions of astrobiology is whether there is extant or extinct life elsewhere the Solar System. Some scientists such as Penn State astrophysicist Jason Wright, a member of the Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds, have considered the possibility that a technological species could have existed in the Solar System prior to humanity’s rise on Earth.

In 2016, Wright authored a paper that discussed possible origins and locations for “technosignatures” of such a civilization while other astronomers have suggested looking for lights on Kuiper Belt Objects that “may serve as a lamppost which signals the existence of extraterrestrial technologies and thus civilizations.””The most obvious answer is a cataclysm, whether a natural event, such as an extinction-level asteroid impact, or self-inflicted, such as a global climate catastrophe,” Wright asserts. “In the case of a prior space-faring species that had settled the Solar System, such an event would only permanently extinguish the species if there were many cataclysms across the Solar System closely spaced in time (a swarm of comets, or interplanetary warfare perhaps), or if the settlements were not completely self-sufficient. Alternatively, an unexpected nearby gamma ray burst or supernova might produce a Solar-System-wide cataclysm.”

From a purely scientific standpoint, observes Wright, it’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask whether life may have existed elsewhere in the Solar System, or does today. That is, increasingly, one of NASA’s raisons d’être. But when Congressman Dana Rohrabacher asks about such a civilization existing thousands of years ago on Mars, and attributes the question to “some people,” it’s justifiable to hold the question up to scrutiny.

Implicit in much of this work, says Wright, is that we are looking for microbial or, at best, unintelligent life, even though technological artifacts might be much easier to find. If a prior technological, perhaps spacefaring, species ever arose in the Solar System, it might have produced artifacts or other technosignatures that have survived to present day, meaning Solar System artifact SETI provides a potential path to resolving astrobiology’s question says Wright.

In the case of Venus, the arrival of its global greenhouse and potential resurfacing might have erased all evidence of its existence on the Venusian surface. In the case of Earth, says Wright, erosion and, ultimately, plate tectonics may have erased most such evidence if the species lived Gyr ago.

Remaining indigenous technosignatures might be expected to be extremely old, suggests Wright, limiting the places they might still be found to beneath the surfaces of Mars and the Moon, or in the outer Solar System.

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  1. This says it all:

    “Not A Hoax. Mars Rover Photographs Mayan/Aztec Style Head

    Trolls are going to have a tough time when ANYONE can take the original image, apply standard filters (no editing, only filters) and pull the detail out and see it is real. All it takes to get the basics and confirm this really is a stone carving is levels or curves. This is going to screw the trollage.

    I had my doubts the rovers were ever real. I thought they were really somewhere in the desert South West. But there are no Mayan heads to be found in the U.S., and I doubt NASA would try to pull a fake rover stunt elsewhere. Obviously NASA is mum on this, stupidly stating that it is a natural rock formation (don’t ya know that’s a plagioclase feldspar mixed with calcite, quartz and bauxite, the miraculous combination that always spits out a carved head) so you saw nothing there . . . . . . . RIGHT…..

    ….I bet they know it all
    I bet there was a civilization on Mars not long ago, and that Mars got destroyed by a huge impact. Mars is a shattered planet. Something devastated Mars in the not too distant past. Whatever it was that wiped out Mars blew away the atmosphere and left everything to die. There was life there, this stone statue proves it, advanced life, with humanoid form. Why would NASA not mention this? What is the big secret?

    I would bet our real history goes something like this:

    There were two planets with life on them circling the sun. Whatever civilization developed on them stepped out of bounds and angered a greater civilization elsewhere. Mars was destroyed as a warning, and it’s inhabitants were allowed to go to Earth. Ever hear of the Annunaki? A lot of that “myth” is likely to not be myth at all.

    This stone statue on Mars came from somewhere. An advanced somewhere, what happened to it? Interesting it is that because we would have the same roots, exactly the same types of artifacts can be found on Earth as well. What is our real history? A stone statue on Mars begs to differ with what we have been told.”