Clean Energy: Mechanical Oscillator Pendulum-Lever System

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By VeljkoMilkovic

Free Mechanical Energy Device
– The Simplest Technology –

A Top 100 Energy Technology in 2006 (by New Energy Congress)

A simple mechanism (Figure 1.) with new mechanical effects, represents the source of clean energy. This gravity machine has only two main parts: a massive lever and a pendulum. The interaction of the two-stage lever multiplies input energy into output energy convenient for useful work (mechanical hammer, press, pump, transmission, electric generator…). *watch the video presentations for the full insight in this research – click here

Figure 1. Mechanical hammer with a pendulum 1 – anvil, 2 – massive lever, 3 – lever axel, 4 – physical pendulum

The best results were achieved with the lever axel and pendulum at the same height, and the base of the massive lever above the centre of mass, as shown in Figure 1.


Energy is created due to the difference in existing devices. Consumers of energy use the difference in the potential between the plus and the minus (direct current) and zero and the phase (alternate current). All heat and thermal motors accomplish useful work due to the higher temperature and pressure. Mills and power plants use different levels of water…

However, difference in the potential of two-stage oscillator, “unusual machine” has not been considered so far.

Figure 2. Difference of the potential during oscillation of the physical pendulum 1 – weightless state in the upper position 2 – culmination of force during the fall in the lower position

Since there is a difference in potential (Figure 2.) between the weightless state (1) and culmination of force (2) during oscillation of the pendulum, the same is true for centrifugal force, which is zero in upper position, and culminates in the lower position at maximum speed. Physical pendulum is used as a single-stage oscillator in the system with a lever.

After many years of trials, consultations and public appearances, it could be said that this occurrence is being researched and investigated all over the world (author is in possession of evidence). Simplicity enables construction of houses by owners themselves.

Efficiency of the model can be increased by mass, since the relationship between the volume of the lever weight and its surface increases the mass.

Energy Measuring

It is important to note that we are not supporting over unity claim for the oscillator where its pendulum was initially raised to some height and then left to swing until it stops.

Our idea is that after initial raising of a pendulum it is necessary to keep adding a little energy to a pendulum to keep it swinging. Because two stage oscillator is supposed to be used for long period of the time, energy spent for initial raising can be disregarded. The same logic is for Diesel engines where it is necessary for them to achieve working temperature before measuring its efficiency. Nobody would also include energy spent for magnetization of permanent magnets in an electric motor for calculation of efficiency ratio of his electric motor.

It is necessary to measure small energy continuously added to maintain pendulum swinging. Note also that output force on the lever side is variable and change from zero to a maximum defined by its mass. The reason for it is variable force of the pendulum which exert pulling the lever on opposite side. This makes mathematics complex and precise tools for measuring variable force are necessary for calculation of efficiency ratio of a two stage oscillator.

The well known fact is that pendulum with fixed pivot point can keep swinging for several hours. Two-stage oscillator has movable pivot point. It moves in rhythm of the lever which frequency is double higher than frequency of the pendulum. The movement of the pivot point, or better to say its acceleration, keeps spending energy of the pendulum which decelerates its swinging fast. Friction in pendulum pivot point is very small in comparison with losses due to movement and acceleration of the pivot point and can be disregarded. Oscillators with small and harmonic movement of the pivot point have better performances and that is the reason why special attention should be given to that problem.

Mechanical Fission

Two-stage mechanical oscillators should be set in accordance with geometry progression system, by which mechanical chain reaction could be achieved: 1<2<4<8< oscillators…

This could be the best way to confirm the overunity effect and accomplish replacement for nuclear fission…

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