Moon Mission Canceled – AGAIN… Hmm, Anyone else Notice a Pattern here?

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Just when you thought we were going to see the surface of the Moon in HD…NASA has ONCE AGAIN announced that it has canceled another mission to the moon. Specifically, the Moon Rover Resource Prospector Mission, that was supposed to go to the Moon in 2022 has been canceled for unexplained reasons, shocking scientists.

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  1. Cecille Chan on

    We’ve gone to the moon and beyond many times over. Learn that we have SSP’s, etc., and break your tunnel vision. Information is there for the taking. I read at least five hours of every day, everything I can get my hands on to hone my bullshit radar. If you are waiting to be spoon fed information, then you can’t blame anyone you are in a rut.

  2. Ivy Rivard on

    Hello?We all know about the Secret Space Program.We know there are other races on the moon…( hence,lights).We have info the moon is not a natural planet,but a possible satellite.
    Trump is forcing NASAs hand.
    The way we get to the moon involves portals.
    NASA is obviously Cabal,and dont want us to know about the technology we actually have,or about life forms in the universe.
    We need disclosure,which would shut down NASA for good.
    They took our money,but it has been used for break away civilizations.
    This video completely believes lies we have been fed.
    I expect more from “The Event”.