February 17, 2019

By Strange Sounds

Mysterious booms shaking houses… Strange sounds in the sky… What the heck in going on in our sky in underground?

Strange Trumpet Sounds from Sky in Texas on January 8, 2018


Strange sounds from the sky. U.K on January 15, 2018

Strange Sounds in the sky of Regina, Canada on January 2, 2018

A mystery loud boom shocked and panicked residents after a suspected thunder storm roared through Merseyside, UK on January 15, 2018. Although the sound was heard around Merseyside, most reports centred around the Wallasey area. A resident reports: ‘All of my neighbours were out of their houses trying to figure out what it was. They thought there had been an explosion.

There have been multiple reports of a loud “boom” and the ground shaking in the Midland Valley area of Aiken County in South Carolina on January 8, 2018… But no earthquakes were reported on the USGS website.

Out of nowhere, just this pow. Just this huge explosion… A mysterious “boom” rattled North Oak Cliff, North Texas on January 11, 2018 and residents have no idea what exactly it was or what it could mean. The explosive noise was heard around 8:34 p.m.. Some reported seeing a flash first, then the loud noise.

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Residents of Fannin and Gilmer counties in Georgia were trying to find the source of what is being described as a loud explosion. The boom that took place had enough force that some residents were reporting their homes shaking from the blast.

A mystery boom shook houses in Pewamo, Michigan on January 1, 2018 at about 4 p.m. Reports came from all over northeast Ionia County from Carson City, down to Westphalia, Lyons, Muir. So far, there are no definitive answers as to what caused it. Speculation ranged from someone playing with dynamite to an earthquake to an attack by North Korea. Another explanation could be that the sound came from a frost quake.

So what is going on in our skies and underground?

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