What caused two mysterious ‘booms’ that shook the earth around San Diego on Tuesday night? USGS say it was NOT an earthquake

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Two mysterious booms have been heard around the San Diego area on Tuesday afternoon.

Locals took to social media in their droves to question what had just happened.

‘Was that a San Diego #earthquake?’ one Twitter user asked at 3.25pm. Another said that she had heard a ‘loud a** boom and then I felt an earthquake’.


  • Two mysterious booms were heard around San Diego on Tuesday afternoon
  • Locals took to social media in their droves to ask what had just happened
  • ‘Was that a San Diego #earthquake?’ one Twitter user asked at 3.25pm
  • United States Geological Survey says it did not detect any earthquake

‘I don’t know if San Diego just had an earthquake or what but my windows rattled,’ another resident tweeted.

United States Geological Survey says it did not detect any earthquake in San Diego County on Tuesday afternoon.

However, residents of the suburb of Santee reported seeing a large glowing ball in the western sky.

The mysterious booms were heard around the San Diego area on Tuesday afternoon

Others insist that they felt the earth move.

‘I automatically thought it was a earthquake, my car started moving back & forth in Imperial Beach!’ Laura Reynolds said.

‘Was there an earthquake that made that big boom at 3:15 p.m.?’ Nancy Whitaker posted on Facebook.

A Coronado resident, who overheard the bangs, believe it could have been thunder.

Source: Daily Mail


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  1. According to Kent Dunn these booms were attacks from a Directed Energy Weapon of the White Hats against one of the last cyber outpost bases of the cabal.
    (Jan. 26, 2017 – Gay Larrabee )

    Btw. Kent Dunn is a real person presenting his real name.
    (Jan. 23, 2017 )

    At the beginning of this year Dunn disclosed being a Pleiadian coming from inner Earth where he will return after having accomplished his mission.
    (Jan. 5, 2017 )

    Interestingly enough Dunn is strongly opposed to Cobra’s statement that Trump is just another puppet. But the Chinese bought 80% of his debts, he claims in the herein before mentioned report with Gary Larrabee. On the other hand Dunn is outraged about Trump’s decision to revive the scheme of the North Dakota pipeline. Yours truly, too. This was one of a handful decisions Obama did right. But Trump twittered that there are parts which could be negotiated. Let’s hope Trump is referring to the course of the route.