A Century of War — Documentary by Sean Stone

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As the US approaches a century since entering World War I, Sean Stone asks, “What happened to the American Century? What happened to America’s ideal of progress?” This election year has been punctuated by Americans’ concerns about feeling squeezed out of the traditional middle-class economy. Stone makes the argument that “a century of war has taken its toll on the great US republic.”

In ‘A Century of War’, Stone links America’s petrodollar economy with its global military predominance, often to secure corporate access to natural resources.

“We’ve seen America fulfill its mission as the ‘city upon the hill’ but at the expense of the homeland. Physical infrastructure is decaying, and the population is weighed down by debt,” says Stone.

Trailer — Century of War: What Happened to America’s Idea of Progress?

In his quest to give context to America’s transformation away from a society committed to raising standards of living through industry, Stone interviews self-professed ‘economic hitman’ John Perkins, former Wall Street insiders Nomi Prins and Catherine Austin Fitts, former Senator Mike Gravel, former Microsoft insider Ramez Naam, and SRI Energy Director Michael McKubre to make ‘A Century of War’, inspired by the book by William Engdahl.

“We must look to our past if we’re to fix our problems of the present and future,” says Stone. Rather than offering a prognosis of despair, Stone looks at the tremendous future opportunities of nuclear thorium fission as well as fusion processes. Stone says he’s “inspired by President Kennedy, who had a vision for the US space program as well as domestic infrastructure to preempt California’s current water crisis” and believes “there are no problems we as humans are faced with that cannot be addressed and overcome.”

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