Destroying the Illusion: QAnon Analysis – April 10th 2018

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  1. I could not keep my FB account open because they kept suspending my account; 3xs within 30 days. As soon as the day arrived that I was out of FB Jail, I was suspended the moment I went online. I am an active Trump supporter who had nearly 5,000 Trump supporter friends and shared posts to 30 Trump support groups. I had tons of ‘Likes’ and shares. When I was suspended, I could NOT even access my personal timeline to share posts or comments. I was blocked from everything.

    • The Event Chronicle’s Facebook page is currently being Shadow Banned, so I certainly understand your frustration! Out of our 79,000+ followers, Facebook will show our posts to only 80 – 150 people. I’ve heard from some of our followers who have told me they haven’t seen any of our posts for MONTHS.