Doctor Found Murdered after Exposing Clinton-Foundation “non-existent medical aid” in Haiti

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A well-known surgeon who exposed major inadequacies in medical trauma care promised to the Haitian people by the Clinton Foundation after the non-profit raised over $30 million dollars in donations following the devastating 2010 earthquake was found dead in his upscale apartment Sunday with a stab wound to the chest.

Dr. Dean Lorich, 54, was found lying dead on the bathroom floor of his apartment by his 11-year-old daughter with a knife sticking out of his chest.

The predominant surgeon gained notoriety after operating on U2’s frontman Bono and former running back Michael Cox but had also worked overseas in Haiti where he discovered an almost non-existent medical effort backed by the Clinton Foundation.

In fact, in January of 2010, Dr. Lorich sent a detailed email to a confidant which ended up getting forwarded to Cheryl Mills who was Counselor and Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the time before being forwarded on again to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The doctor’s correspondence, provided by Wikileaks, was critical of how the situation in Haiti was being handled.

“Disaster management on the ground was nonexistent,” the doctor wrote. ” Cheerios on the tarmac are not getting it done on these patients which clearly would be savable if good care could urgently be provided.”

However, the email was only a precursor to the bombshell the doctor dropped publically just days later on Jan. 25, 2010, in a piece for CNN titled “Doctors: Haiti medical situation shameful” which detailed the conditions overseas and again the doctor took veiled shots at the Clinton Foundation.

“Once we arrived, we saw a severely damaged hospital with no running water and only limited electrical power, supplied by a generator. Surgeries were being performed in the equivalent of a large storage closet, where amputations were performed with hacksaws,” the doctor wrote. “This facility could not nearly accommodate our equipment nor our expertise to treat the volume of injuries we saw.”

That’s when the medical team decided to go with ‘Plan B’ which was to set up at the Community Hospital of Haiti located several miles away. However, what the team found when they arrived at the hospital was horrific at best.

Dr. Lorich wrote:

We found scores of patients with pus dripping out of open extremity fractures and crush injuries. Some wounds were already ridden with maggots.

About a third of these victims were children. The entire hospital smelled of infected, rotting limbs and death. Later on, we would judge our surgical progress by the diminishment of the stench.

In our naïveté, we didn’t expect that the two anesthesia machines would not work; that there would be only one cautery available in the entire hospital to stop bleeding; that an operating room sterilizer fit only instruments the size of a cigar box; that there would be no sterile saline, no functioning fluoroscopy machine, no blood for transfusions, no ability to do lab work; and the only local staff was a ragtag group of voluntary health providers who, like us, had made it there on their own.

As a caveat, the doctor added, “Upon our departure, we witnessed pallets of Cheerios and dry goods sitting on the tarmac helping nobody. Yet our flight of critical medical equipment and personnel had been canceled, and the equipment that did get through was hijacked.”

Did the doctor’s persistence wind up getting him added him to the Clinton body count

This article (Doctor Found Murdered after Exposing Clinton-Foundation “non-existent medical aid” in Haiti) was originally published on Hal Turner and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


Trauma surgeon to the stars is found dead by his 11-year-old daughter with a knife in his chest in their Manhattan home

By Daily Mail

  • Dr. Dean Lorich, 54, was found by his 11-year-old daughter lying face up on the bathroom floor of his Park Avenue home around 1pm
  • Police said that there were no signs of forced entry at the apartment on the Upper East Side although the doctor had been ‘under some personal stress’ 
  • The married father-of-three girls, Lorich was the associate director of the Orthopedic Trauma Service at Hospital for Special Surgery
  • He cared for Bono following a 2014 bicycling accident in Central Park

A surgeon to the stars has been found dead with a knife in his chest at his New York apartment while his 11-year-old daughter was at home.

The death of Dr. Dean Lorich, 54, is being treated as a suicide after his body was found in the bathroom of the Park Avenue apartment he shared with his family.

The father-of-three doctor’s wife was playing tennis at the time.

The NYPD said that there were no signs of forced entry at the apartment, and have hinted he had been ‘under some personal stress’.

The surgeon had a storied career, saving the lives of celebrities and members of both the NYPD and FDNY.

He treated Bono when was involved in a serious cycling accident in Central Park.

His daughter alerted the doorman of the apartment building after she found her father’s lifeless body on Sunday. He then called 911.

It wasn’t clear if Lorich may have ran afoul with the hospital where he worked, being under review or accused of serious allegations.

 It was not clear if the man was under medication or had been suffering from depression.

According to the New York Daily News one of Lorich’s colleagues spoke to the doorman of his building and fell to her knees in prayer after hearing of the terrible news.

‘This is horrible, this is horrible. I don’t believe this,’ the woman said before kneeling and crossing herself.

Lorich, who was a dad of three girls, was the associate director of the Orthopedic Trauma Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery, as well as the Chief of the Orthopedic Trauma Service at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

He was in the operating room when U2 front man Bono was badly injured in a cycling accident in Central Park in 2014.

The rock star lost control of his bike when he swerved to avoid another cyclist and landed on his face, fracturing his eye socket, shoulder and elbow.

Lorich performed several surgeries on the singer.

Lorich also volunteered to operate in Germany on soldiers injured in combat and led a relief effort in Haiti for 2010 earthquake victims, according to The Hospital for Special Surgery.

‘He was a good doctor, and a good man. He saved and helped so many people. He gave me back my life, and my family and I are all devastated,’ Matt Long, 51, who was run over by a bus said to the Daily News.

‘He came to my wedding. He was part of my life…This guy did so much for me.’

‘He sacrificed his whole life to help other people, and I happen to be one of them,’ Long said.

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This article (NY trauma surgeon to stars found dead with knife in chest | Daily Mail Online) was originally published on Daily Mail and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


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