Edgar Cayce Atlantis Prediction Confirmed With New Evidence

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In this program we’ll learn of new evidence confirming what Edgar Cayce predicted – that the great city of Poseidia would evidentually be found underwater. In this updated look at the search for Atlantis, archeaologist Bill Donato reveals startling new evidence that the remains of temples, pyramids and other structures can be viewed under water – off the coast of Bimini.

According to Cayce, Atlantis was destroyed by volcanic and earthquake-like ‘explosions’ on three distinct and widely-separated occasions. And each of these destructions lasted over a period of months or even years, not just days or a single day! The first of these disasters appear to have taken place about 50,700 BC, the second about 28,000 BC whilst the third and last one around 10,000 BC.

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