Evidence of Military Grade EMF Accelerants Used in Sonoma Napa FIRES? (Video)

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By Justin Deschamps

I cannot confirm if everything presented in the below video is accurate. But I was able to confirm that the average house fire burns at approximately 1,100 º F and the melting point of glass is 2,800 º F. Could the fires in California be triggered or the damage exacerbated by electromagnetic weaponry?

Prior to 9/11 this theory would likely have been dismissed out of hand. However, through the work of Dr. Judy Wood, we know that “toasted cars” were a prominent feature of that event, wherein vehicles at a distance from the World Trade Center were engulfed in a heatless flame that destroyed everything but metal and paper.  Dr. Wood contends that this is evidence of directed energy weaponry used to bring down the towers—a hotly debated theory given the lack of experimental evidence for substantiation.

I haven’t seen any photographs or videos showing similar fires in California but the data presented below appears to indicate abnormal destruction—like a tree burning from the inside out, with no apparent surrounding fires. How did the tree catch on fire? Of course, it could have been largely dead and desiccated inside to begin with, which would mean that if an ember did fall into the cavity, it would burn the interior first.

Although fanning the flames of conspiracy is entertaining, a case can be made that the phenomena presented in the video is due to normal causes. At this stage, I can’t say for sure what is at work here.

As always, do your own research and discern for yourself.

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