False Flag Caught Red Handed and Prevented

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In the latest non-paradigm news, Luke goes into one of the favorite tactics elitists to use in order to divide and conquer us- the False Flag attack. The term ‘false flag’ refers to covert activities designed to deceive people into thinking they were carried out by a different person or group.

This false flag attempt involves a German lieutenant- Frank Albrecht, who was plotting a terror attack. Albrecht’s plan was to blame the attack on the refugees who are coming into Europe. This plot may have involved a network of army personnel, but is unknown at this time.

False flag terrorism has played a significant role in steering major world events throughout history. Luke goes into a few major false flag incidents throughout history, and also a few that are presently being carried out.

The polarization of humanity by fraudulent manipulation keeps us from realizing the immense power we have together, to manifest positive change in the world.

This article (False Flag Caught Red Handed and Prevented) was originally published on We Are Change and syndicated by The Event Chronicle

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  1. this article is a mix of truth and pure bullshit. it is trying to make the satanists illuminati, cabal’s plan to flood all free country’s with hostile , pyscho-pathic, muslims-islam. those who mean to take over or try and worse much worse causing civil strife and even war or worse. you recently had a surge in visits. i started posting you everywhere hhhmm my mistake. a big mistake which i can undue. more and more i can see a pys-op in your postings and articles.