Fireballs and Mystery Booms Around the World Remain a Mystery

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By Brett Tingley

Just what exactly is going on in the skies lately? Terrifying and unexplained explosion noises have been heard around the world in the past few months, sometimes within a few hours of one another and on opposite sides of the world. While this phenomenon is nothing new, it certainly seems to be happening with increasing frequency lately. In my home state of North Carolina, a powerful booming sound rattled windows and doors earlier this month shortly before a piece of rocket debris washed up on NC’s shores. A few weeks later on October 18th, a similar loud explosion was heard not far from the same area with enough pressure to cause glass doors to bow inwards. At this time there’s still no explanation for the sound.

Whether or not the boom and the debris are related remains unknown.

Much farther north, similar powerful booms were heard and felt in Alaska and British Columbia on that same day, October 18. Residents of Charlie Lake, B.C. said the boom was so loud and percussive that they thought something had exploded nearbyor fallen on their houses. Spokespersons with both the Canadian Armed Forces and the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission say they know of no activities which could explain the anomalous booms. However, some B.C. residents took to social media to say they saw a fireball streaking across the sky that night. Could a small meteorite have caused this explosion in the sky?

A fireball seen over Sri Lanka on October 16.

Similar fireballs were seen in Sri Lanka on October 16th and in the United Arab Emirates on October 18th. While the Sri Lanka fireball is believed to have been a small meteorite, the UAE fireball was explained as falling debris from the Russian Progress space module which recently delivered some rather mysterious cargo to the ISS.

The Russian Progress capsule was carrying a secret scientific module which the Russian space agency refused to identify or explain.

Could all of these fireballs and mystery booms be merely natural phenomena, or is something darker happening here? Are we being kept in the dark about an impending meteorite bombardment, or perhaps could some sort of corporate aerospace black ops or classified military operation be underway? Whatever the cause, something strange is afoot overheard, that’s for sure.

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains. You can follow Brett on Facebook.

This article (Fireballs and Mystery Booms Around the World Remain a Mystery) was originally published on Mysterious Universe and syndicated by The Event Chronicle



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