First they HAARPed You, then Sell You the “Catastrophe Bonds’

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By Covert Geopolitics

The Khazarian holdovers on this planet are getting more creative as the situation is getting worse for them. The slew of “natural disasters” hitting Latin America and coastal portions of the US mainland, through the use of HAARP derivatives, indicates how desperate the situation really is for the Cabal.

World Bank Group Issues Its Biggest-Ever Catastrophe Bond

By Mathew Carr | August 4, 2017, 9:00 PM GMT+8

The World Bank Group issued its largest catastrophe bond, providing Mexico with financial protection of as much as $360 million against losses from tropical cyclones and earthquakes.

Mexico is among the countries most vulnerable to natural disasters, the bank said in a statement. Nearly a third of its population lives in areas exposed to hurricanes, storms, floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. The coverage is the equivalent of 71 percent of the country’s economic output considered at risk from two or more natural hazards.

The bonds were issued in three structures to provide coverage against earthquakes, Atlantic tropical cyclones, and Pacific tropical cyclones. If a natural disaster occurs that’s eligible for coverage, some or all of the bond proceeds will be made available to the Mexican Fund for Natural Disasters.

The bank has arranged risk-transfer transactions worth about $1 billion in the past two months, compared with $2.5 billion in the past decade, it said by email. It’s ramping up its activities as it seeks to help transfer risk from poorer nations.

Bonds, of course, are mere promissory notes that the Asians have bought wholesale in the past using historical assets, e.g. gold bullion, known as the Collateral Accounts, but that the Khazarians are unable to pay without the combined application of aggressive diplomacy and direct elimination procedures.

In the case of Mexico, it needs to pay these bonds with real products, usually in the form of extractable minerals, in the foreseeable future. The World Bank is merely facilitating the process by lending its supposed integrity for the ultimate welfare of the Khazarian banksters, of course, who endlessly print these worthless fancy papers.

The weather geoengineering scam will continue as it is if the Americans remain apathetic to what’s happening in and around them.

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  1. Don’t expect “Criminal Governments” which CAUSE a problem to FIX the problem…when all THEY do is PROFIT from the problems THEY create.