The Great Culling: The Truth About Water

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The Great Culling of the human race already has begun. Covertly, insidiously, mercilessly, a global depopulation agenda has been launched.

As this plays out, the vast majority of the human race will be removed from the gene pool. Genetically annihilated. Will you and your genetic lineage survive?

It is being done through chemicals added to our drinking water, food, medicines, and the air we breathe – chemicals that have the known effect of reducing fertility and shortening lifespan.

This documentary is the first of a three-part series. It shows how additives to our drinking water, such as fluoride, supposedly to combat tooth decay, in reality are covert doses of death. It also shows how you can protect yourself and your family.

Film-makers Paul Wittenberger (What In The World Are They Spraying?) and Chris Maple explore WHAT are the real threats to your life, your offspring and your genetic integrity?


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