Hillary Clinton Wearing Anti-Seizure Lenses (Zeiss Z1 Blue Lenses)

Editor Note: I’ve been seeing a lot of speculation lately that Clinton has Parkinson’s Disease. However, after watching the videos of Hillary’s ‘medical episode’ on Sunday at the 9/11 memorial, it looks to me like she didn’t faint, as the MSM has been reporting, but rather had a seizure.

Two of my family members have seizure disorders. One had photosensitive petit mal seizures, the other an undefined seizure disorder that results in absence seizures, and I worked with a woman that had grand mal seizures. I have personally witnessed over 30 seizures, up close and personal. What Clinton experienced on Sunday looked an awful lot like a seizure to me. 


Hillary Clinton Wearing Anti-Seizure Lenses (Zeiss Z1 Blue Lenses)

Anyone notice the glasses Hillary Clinton was wearing during and after he collapse? They looked like anti-seizure Zeiss Z1 blue lenses. While the media is frantically trying to spin Hillary Clinton’s collapse today as being “overheated,” there are many things wrong with Hillary Clinton that hasn’t been publicily acknowledge. One of which appears to be her reoccuring seizures.


Hillary Clinton wearing anti-seizure lenses (Zeiss Z1 blue lenses)


These Zeiss Z1 blue lenses anti seizure glasses readily available in North America. They are available in Europe and via the Internet. Maybe all those forgien Clinton Foundation bundlers got her a pair of Zeiss Z1 blue lenses. She has connections there you know.

Apparently the glasses aren’t that great, they didn’t prevent Clinton’s seizure today.

Source: F.A.M.

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  1. I’ve had Gran Mall Seizures since 1994 and I’ve never heard of these glasses I’ve seen alot of doctors including neoraligists here in Nevada and also in California and not any of them ever told me about these I see my doctor every 3 months and will be seeing him at the end of this month so I’ll ask him about them

    • You should look into these, they may be helpful for you if you are photosensitive. When I researched these lenses the other day I found that they are currently only available in Europe, but can be imported. The company that manufactures them is Zeiss International. zeiss.com

  2. And all the members of the press who were complaining that Hillary wasn’t holding any press conferences surely must be able to add 2+2 and figure out why….but they are so in the tank for her Hillaryness that they won’t bring it up. She could keel over at any moment, which wouldn’t play well in a press conference where everything is recorded and she’s likely to have some situations that prompt seizures.

    Who will finally announce what’s clear to most of the world: that the woman who wants to run this country is willing to put the nation in danger just because of her political ambition and her desire for a legacy as the first woman president.

  3. I don’t believe they are available in North America. I suspect because the FDA has not received it’s “shake down” money, but it could also be that they are not effective.

    Hillary had, what I believe to be, a seizure while wearing them.

    • As much as I wish this were true, I don’t think it is. If you watch the video full-screen you can see Hillary’s right arm move fully in front of her body before she gets in the car. She would not have been able to move her arm this way if she was wearing handcuffs.