Indictments, GITMO & Airport Weirdness (The Storm Cometh) & More!

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1.1 – Indictments, GITMO & Airport Weirdness (The Storm Cometh)

1.2 – Fake News ALERT!/MORE Airport Weirdness/Plane Crash Connections/Assange

Likely Actual Fake News Articles: “Delta Force Raids Obama’s Thailand Stronghold” –

Supposed 9/11 Indictment –

Other Sources in Today’s Video: Passport System down around U.S. –

Anonymous Tweet/Video re: Christine Assange Interview –

Compass Group CEO Plane Crash –

Bridgewater Exec Plane Crash –

Prince Alwaleed’s ex-wife Tells All –


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Sealed Indictment Update: 9,294 Indictments and Counting!
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Computer Glitch Paralyzes Customs Processing at US Airports
Bridgewater Executive And Family Killed In Costa Rica Plane Crash


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