Kerry Cassidy: Defending Whistleblowers – Response to Bill Ryan’s Statement Regarding Corey Goode

By Kerry Cassidy

This article was originally written as a response to a post on the Avalon Forum by Bill Ryan regarding Corey Goode.

I have read Bill’s statement regarding Corey Goode and some of the problems with his testimony and dealings with others that seem to indicate that he has not been honest with the public and that his story may also be at least partially fabricated or simply an implanted memory.  I don’t see any point in attacking him however and will not do so.

I am not going to go into the interactions I have had with Corey in the very early days (a few years ago) when he contacted me asking if I would interview him.  But I will say that while Bill Ryan has every right to make public his own views and research about Corey and his claims, he does not have the right to make statements on my behalf and without my permission about what he assumes I think or what I have told him in confidence. 

There are many people in this sector who are highly suspect and many people who are telling the truth as they see it and still many more with implanted or false memories.  There are people who are playing to the audience and lying outright with full knowledge that they are doing so.  There are agents, assets who are in essence working for intelligence agents and paid trolls as well as unbalanced and unprincipled people as well. 

Some whistleblowers may be telling the truth and others, motivated by a myriad of human failings, may be lying or combining the two in order to save their own lives and still get the truth out.  While I am sorry that Rich Dolan and Bill Ryan find whistleblowers to be ‘unreliable’ and that Farrell and Fitts prefer “research and documentation”  I have to say that this in no way addresses the true value of whistleblower testimony. 

Whistleblowers are, in my view, in a world of lies and secrecy, our lifeline to what is really going on.  And many whistleblowers (who are very human with human idiosyncrasies and failings) are risking their lives and many have been killed for their attempts to get the truth to humanity.  At least 2 Camelot whistleblowers have been killed and possibly more.  Several have been silenced. Some have simply gone back to work for the secret space program or black projects.  Others, like Norm Bergrun have disappeared and presumably gone back to work for them.  Others have had family members die mysteriously or suddenly and the list goes on.  Whistleblowing is clearly not good for your health.  But it is vital.

To attack as unreliable whistleblower testimony is the same thing as attacking all HUMAN testimony.  Yes humans can be manipulated and deceived and have diabolical aims but they can also be dedicated and truthful and sacrifice their own lives for their fellow man (or woman).  Making a blanket statement about “whistleblower” testimony is no more meaningful than to say all politicians lie and all judges and juries are deluded and misled. 

Whistleblowers are like those in any other walk of life.  Some are truthful and some are not. Some believe what they tell people and some lie with impunity. 

As an investigative journalist, documentary filmmaker specializing in whistleblower testimony for over 11 years I can say that there are many ways to tell if a person is lying.  Investigating their claims is one of them.  Cross-correlating testimony is another.  Facial reads and behavioral “tells” often reveal an attempt to deceive consciously.  Or unconsciously.  And so on… My point is that it is up to us to do the work necessary to tell truth from falsity. 

Considering that humans are the predominant species on this planet albeit with mixed heredity and DNA from many other species it is important to recognize that the consensus reality or Matrix we live in is geared to make humans suspect each other before they look to other races such as Reptilians, whose influence over the Illuminati thought forms is extensive.  It is part of the Controllers agenda to get humans to see each other as the enemy first! 

Documents are notoriously unreliable.  We all know that documentation can be faked (like the birth certificates of Presidents) as well as photos and videos (see the Kennedy assassination altered Zapruder film and my interview with Mike Sparks and James Fetzer re Zapruder Film New Evidence) and of course there’s 911 (tv images of planes appearing to hit the twin towers) and so on.  I often find it interesting and puzzling that humans will believe a piece of paper or a film or the TV but suspect another human as lying when humans are the ones creating the film and documents in the first place!

College or university educations, degrees and so-called authority figures are all suspect and no guarantee you are getting the truth.  Titles and large salaries are no proof of anything other than perhaps of the Controller’s approval or backing of someone… Wall Street is full of people who lie for a living and make money deceiving the public as we know.

My point is that we humans have been taught to first believe outside authorities, documents, organizations and people with money and in the top echelons of power before we believe each other.  We are told from birth to follow rules and regulations that are supposedly “good for us” drafted by those in positions of power when time and again we find we have been lied to and misled for an agenda most people have no awareness of. 

I do however think it is important for people to weigh the evidence and quality of the testimony we are given and use our hearts and minds to see what resonates and what does not.  I firmly believe humans are psychic and precogs by nature and that we can discern the truth where we find it.  And as I have said many times, the truth is not served in this reality anyway, on a silver platter.  It is up to us to learn to exercise discernment as we journey on our path.  And life is an exploration of consciousness. 

This article (Kerry Cassidy: Defending Whistleblowers – Response to Bill Ryan’s Statement Regarding Corey Goode) was originally published on Project Camelot and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


  1. An excellent view and a sensible choice of response, thank you Kerry Cassidy!
    Questioning everything and training discernment by following one’s own reactions
    and the use of common sense, our own gutfeeling, is far better, from my point of
    view, than connecting dots in a deliberate attempt to create an image of the enemy.

    In the world of form and imagination, on planet Earth, we can create all sorts of images,
    in a low or high density of pixels or, in other words, a winged term used by you often,
    on each level where the lie is different. Wise words spoken by Richard Hoagland.

    It’s exactly those attempts that are present often in internet-fora where whistleblower’s
    testimonies are discussed, chewed on and recycled endlessly, due to the fact that
    never a final word is given or factual evidence of truth or lie. A loop that creates addiction.

    Many people have grown into suspicion of life itself almost, let alone about what
    others say about it. It’s in essence a loss of our ability to discern the truth from within,
    as I perceive it. In short, suspicion and speculation is a favoured game in the virtual
    world as much as on the global stage, the world of power and money, on the dark
    and light side of planet Earth. We only have to remind ourselves of the recent US
    presidential election.

    Specially in the virtual world, where an”out-of-body” state of being is a wide open door
    to illusion (a characteristic of the lower 4th dimensional astral planes). Illusion is an eager
    and loyal comrade and suspicion is fueled by anonymity = safety for shame that is only felt
    when we look into each other’s physical eyes.

    Human beings in the flesh are mirrors to each other. Our senses speak, our physical body
    knows and that precious instrument and wonder of creation is wiser than what our
    mind tells us to be true. When we try to keep that in mind and honour the observer of
    what’s bserved in ourselves, it’s a stance that empowers our sovereignty.

    All we need is close to HOME and to “Know thyself” as a verb, a work in progress.
    To me, HOME is where the heart is, connecting us with the center of the Galaxy.
    Possibly with all life, when we have awakened further. Safe journey!

  2. Ms Cassidy feels it necessary to state that Mr Ryan does not speak on her behalf. Mr Ryan can be expected to be seen wearing his hat indoors.
    Dr Dolan and Dr Farrell have access to
    many libraries where they have already spent awhile to earn their academic degrees.
    Secretary Fitts endorses a Swiss “Anthroposophist” who ignores as she does anything Rudolf Steiner said about economics (or Swiss).