Loud unexplained noises from the sky in Nottingham, UK (VIDEO)

What are this spooky, loud, and unexplained noises that lasted 40 minutes in Nottingham on March 21, 2017?

Listen to these new shocking trumpet-like sounds blaring across the night sky in Nottingham, East Midlands.

The video was uploaded on Calvin Kirlew’s Facebook page on March 21, 2017 stating:” Weird noises coming from the sky, took this video about 5 mins ago and it’s still happening! Weird!!

According to Calvin Kirlew, the loud noises lasted around 40 minutes. It was coming from the direction of the Victoria Centre but from the sky.

One of his friends living in Wollaton (3 miles away) didn’t hear the metallic sound similar to those posted on YouTube. Very scary!

Another Facebook user answers the video: ‘We heard this exact noise couple of years ago me and my other half. I’m glad someone nearby heard it too! Thanks for the proof we are not mad, Calvin.

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