Loud vibrating booms are increasing again in January 2017 and nobody knows why

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Since the beginning of 2017, hundreds of people have already reported loud vibrating noises around the world.

Here a small compilation and the most mysterious booms!

Editor Note: See the following information for context — Underground Bases Reported to be Under Fire, Cabal Being Arrested as They Flee

January 6 2017, USA – A mysterious boom rattled windows, and a few nerves, around Hermiston, Oregon, Friday afternoon.

A mysterious boom rattled windows, and a few nerves, around Hermiston Friday afternoon. Residents in various part of the city, and in surrounding areas, reported hearing a booming sound that shook windows and homes about 2:45 p.m. Police force received numerous calls about the sound, but nothing was found to explain the noise. East Oregonian

January 5 2017, USA – What is this noise in Cantonment, California?

The International Paper Plant letting off steam? Maybe. Weartv

January 5 2017, UK – Really loud vibrating noise heard and felt across Liverpool in the early hours.

Really strange noises were heard across Liverpool in the early hours of this morning and there are now questions over what it might be. Houses in Kensington were left shaking during 15 minutes, which one resident says could have been a horn on a ship. Others living near the area also experienced the vibrating and heard the noise but came up with different answers as to where the sounds were coming from. Was it coming from the sky? Echo

January 4 2017, USA – Loud booms heard in Grandview, Belton and Raymore, Missouri.

People across Grandview, Missouri reported hearing a blast Tuesday night, with some people up to 13 miles away saying they felt it. The explosion was followed by a series of smaller ones.. all coming from a lawncare business, J.W.’s Lawn and Garden Equipment. City officials say ammunition may have caused the blasts. Do you believe that? FacebookOzarksfirstSTJoeChannel

January 4 2017, USA – Mysterious booms rattle parts of Spokane, Washington.


January 3, 2017, USA – Mystery boom rattles houses in the Southington, Wolcott and Cheshire areas in Connecticut

Authorities investigated a loud bang after residents reported the noise shook homes in the Southington, Wolcott and Cheshire areas, but found no explanation. Southington police said they received between 30 and 40 calls reporting a loud explosion around 10:30 a.m. Many of the calls came from the southwest part of town. Both the police and fire departments responded to investigate the calls, but found nothing out of the ordinary. NBC ConnecticutMy Record JournalCentralCTCommunicationWTNH

December 1 and December 6 2016 – Update: January 6 2017, USA – Nighttime booms, house shaking, red flash in Louisana skies – Fireball sonic boom?

In early December, weeks before New Year’s fireworks could be considered a culprit, a pair of massive nighttime explosion sounds rattled homes and startled residents across the Carrollton area.

A sampling of locations around the Carrollton area where residents reported two loud and rattling explosions that have remained a mystery up to now. Dec. 1 (in green) and Dec. 6 (in blue).

The noise was loud enough that it sent New Orleans police officers searching for gunshot victims, but they turned up nothing — and a survey of other public agencies since then likewise leaves the source of the sounds a mystery. Uptown Messenger

The mysterious booms are reported around the World and most of them remain unsolved.

Source: Strange Sounds


Mystery booms compilation for 2016: They are real and covered up!

This is a nice compilation of mystery booms reported across the US and the world for 2016.

Source: Strange Sounds


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