Merging Black Holes, Antarctica Pulses, Receding Tides, Earthquakes, and Hurricanes

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A Jigsaw Puzzle — Part 1

“The data sets also indicate that this is something ancient and that perhaps somebody has flipped the ‘ON’ switch. I’m not sure if the ‘ancient’ descriptor is legitimate. But I do trust that the descriptors of ‘guidance,’ ‘sentinel,’ and ‘ray gun’ do apply.”

Clif High, interview with Sarah Westall, August 2017

By Bankster Slayer

Many people set out on an organized quest when they assemble a jigsaw puzzle. Personally, I like to pick out all the flat-side pieces and connect the border of the picture first. Then I tend to sort the pieces into piles by their dominant colors. Sometimes, within those piles, I’ll further sort those colored pieces by their general jigsaw shape.

In this article, I am laying out a few jigsaw puzzle pieces. Some do belong with each other. Some might belong to a different puzzle box. But I will lay them out nonetheless and see where it takes us. In a previous blog [linked here], I introduced this new topic of #Celestials as a hazy disassembled puzzle that invites the readers and armchair scientists out there to put our heads together and look at the futuristic agenda through the eyes of those overlords who have an endgame in mind. Mr. W. has suggested that we think about how the alignments of hyper-dimensional energy waves within our galaxy have an effect on the destructive potential of directed energy weapons. So, if we could figure out what future alignments such a Cabalist would be looking for by which to set his countdown clock, then we might be able to foil their plan of using our own planet and sun against the human race.

In that spirit, I’ve been thinking about the rush of events that have been happening in just the last six weeks. I am talking about the sudden avalanche of energy events that have exploded within days of each other, some of which you likely haven’t even heard of. These are being mentioned in this post as possible puzzle pieces as we try to bring the Cabalists’ countdown clock into view. Remember: these #Celestial posts are not meant to present the completed image of this phenomenal jigsaw puzzle; they are only a means of organizing the pieces for display. We all need to work on this puzzle together.

Below and in my blog to follow, I will present summaries of these three recent natural, or not-so-natural, energy events:

1. August 11: Somebody in Antarctica has been re-directing pulses of natural energy at particular times for at least a year, culminating with a highly strange, extended pattern that reached all the way across the southern hemisphere up to central Mexico or possibly further.

2. August 11-12: Coastal residents in Uruguay and Brazil observed their ocean “disappear” and recede several hundred meters from their coastlines. No tsunami occurred and the water lines eventually resumed to normal.

3. August 14: The resultant gravitational wave signal left by the marriage of two black holeslocated 2 billion light years away was detected by Europe’s Virgo interferometer. Scientists hope that observations made by the LIGO and Virgo instruments will launch “a new field of astronomy,” a better understanding of the physics of outer space, and most importantly, how to bend the fabric of space-time.

All three of these events immediately preceded the devastating monster hurricanes that barreled through the Caribbean, leaving a path of destruction in Houston, Miami, Puerto Rico, to name but a few affected areas. At the same time, Mexico was hit on her southwestern coast with an 8.1 temblor which was followed days later by a supposedly unrelated 7.1 earthquake in central Mexico, leaving hundreds dead in Mexico City.

Two Black Holes Send a Signal

A story that only a true physics geek would love: two dancing black holes that became one. As reported by Loren Grush at, from a galaxy far, far away, on August 14th, the Virgo interferometer in Pisa, Italy detected the gravitational wave signature of an astonishing event that took place nearly 2 billion light years away from Earth. This is the fourth such gravity wave that has been detected by the LIGO observatory in two years:

Astronomers say they have detected another set of gravitational waves — ripples in the fabric of space and time traveling throughout the Universe…. Even these waves diminish significantly on their way to Earth, they can only be detected with the most sensitive instruments. That’s where LIGO and Virgo come in. Each facility is shaped like an “L,” with two long vacuum-sealed tunnels that contain a suspend mirror on both ends. A split laser shining at each mirror is located where the two tunnels meet. When a wave passes, space-time is warped in such a way that it will seem as though the mirrors are getting closer and farther away from the source of the laser. Scientists can measure these movements by timing how long it takes for the laser to reach each mirror. It can be a tiny amount: the movements of the mirrors are 1,000 times smaller than the width of a proton.

On August 25th, LIGO finished its latest observing run that began on November 30th, 2016. It has resulted in at least three detections (and perhaps more that the collaboration hasn’t revealed yet). Virgo, which is slightly less sensitive than LIGO, started its own observations on August 1st, giving the observatory just enough time to detect this black hole merger on August 14th. The two black holes had masses 31 and 25 times that of our Sun, spinning around each other 1.8 billion light-years away. They eventually merged into a single black hole 53 times the mass of our Sun, the study says.

The stated purpose of the Virgo station is pretty interesting in itself. Per her Wikipedia page:

The first goal of Virgo is to directly observe gravitational waves, a straightforward prediction of Albert Einstein’s general relativity…. On the longer term, after accomplishing the primary goal of discovering gravitational waves, Virgo aims at being part of the birth of a new branch of astronomy by observing the Universe with a different and complementary perspective than current telescopes and detectors. Information brought by gravitational waves will be added to those provided by the study of the electromagnetic spectrum (microwaves, radio waves, infrared, the visible spectrum, ultraviolet, X rays and gamma rays), of cosmic rays and of neutrinos.

Other science articles indicate that the LIGO and Virgo research will enable scientists to either confirm Einstein’s general relativity or, even better, figure out where his famous theory is lacking. In any event, the research should keep adding to the evidence that will (or has?) lead to evolving that elusive Unified Theory of Everything. Now, I will admit that I am no physics expert and 2 billion light years’ worth of distance might seem to be too much of a distance for anything “out there” to radically affect anything “in here.” That may be true or maybe we just need a better understanding of what the domino effects are from waves rolling through the universe and connecting with other energy grids. However, what does seem evident is that the scientists who operate at this protected elite level of research are definitely seeking to understand the signal, the information, that is yielded by such a powerful event. On August 14th, they detected such a signal in Europe.


File all of that away as we look at a few other odd energy events in the month of August, one in particular that took place just hours prior to the detection of that signal. Once again, the Neutrino Boyz of Antarctica are up to something again. For the sake of easier blogging and reading, I will save the story about the Disappearing Ocean and the Antarctica Pulse Wave for the next article in this series.

Part 2

“There’s this admission going on that the climate of Antarctica is changing without it being attributed to global warming.”

Clif High, interview with Sarah Westall, August 2017

This is the continuation of our previous post [linked here] that introduced the three odd energy events that took place within three days of each other and preceded the massively destructive phase of hurricanes and earthquakes that have battered regions from southern Mexico to the Caribbean to the American coastal areas that border the Gulf of Mexico. In the previous blog we focused on the August 14th signal that was received as a leftover of a passing gravitational wave that originated 2 billion light years away.


In this sequel, we will backup three days to August 11th and talk about the Antarctica Pulse event and the subsequent Disappearing Tide event at Uruguay and Brazil. Let’s dive right into the dessert first and talk about the Antarctica Pulse event.

The looping animated .gif shown below was filed in the public archives of the “Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery at CIMSS (MIMIC)“. MIMIC data is hosted on a website that belongs to the University of Wisconsin-Madison in cooperation with NOAA and NASA [linked here]. A sponsor of this observation project is, who else? Our old friends at the Office of Naval Research. (Recall that it was the Office of Naval Intelligence that was specifically targeted by the missile, not airplane, that hit the Pentagon on 9/11. See my report “Angel Is Next“.) MIMIC keeps watch on unusual bursts of microwave radiation in the earth as part of its cyclone tracker system.


In the early morning of August 11, 2017, a “spray” of some kind of energy is seen pulsing off-screen from Antarctica, a continent that is conveniently omitted from the MIMIC map’s public view. To further explain what type of data is presented in these MIMIC maps, here is information about the project from [linked here].

The Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies, or CIMSS, is a cooperative institute between the University of Wisconsin-Madison, NOAA, and NASA. The CIMSS staff and scientists “conduct research using remote sensing systems for meteorological and surface-based applications.”

CIMSS incorporates products from the AMSU instrument which is installed onto multiple weather imagery satellites. AMSU detects Earth-based microwave radiation to produce helpful images that can be analyzed to examine a tropical cyclone. A type of AMSU, AMSU-A, detects energy given off by oxygen.

MIMIC is a blend of 3 types of microwave imagery taken from 5 satellites: 89GHz, 85GHz, and 85 (A) GHz. MIMIC can be used to analyze the distribution of precipitation and the structure of the spiral banding and eyewall of tropical cyclones well before standard imagery like infrared and visible wavelengths can detect them. MIMIC has been used in the past to predict the timing and track the progress of eyewall replacement cycles. At CIMSS, MIMIC data can be viewed as animated sequences with 15-minute intervals between microwave imagery. A MIMIC-IR product is also provided along with MIMIC, and is basically MIMIC imagery that is used as an overlay over updated channel 4 infrared imagery.

The MIMIC website [linked here] has a daily archive of maps that go back about three years. The map shown above was archived on August 13th. If you want to browse the other dates in their archive, you can see for yourself how rare this type of configuration is. It was Clif High and intrepid conspiracy watchman Dahboo7 who brought this event to our attention. Below are some comments that Clif made during a recent Youtube interview about this Antarctica Pulse event and the subsequent bizarre occurrence of the disappearing ocean tide in South America.

Pulsing from Antarctica to South America to Hawaii

Clif High credits that intrepid Alt-News Internet guru, Dahboo7 with the find. There is quite an active discussion of viewers’ comments on the question of whether the pulse was moving North-South or South-North. Below, I have transcribed some of Clif’s remarks. Here is Dahboo’s Youtube video about the incident [linked here]. If you search the word Antarctica at his channel, you can see where Dahboo has found a half-dozen-or-so similar incidents spread months, or sometimes weeks, apart. However, as Dahboo himself noted, none were as remarkable as this “spray” from August 11th.

In a recent interview with hostess Sarah Westall, Clif High intimated details about the reports he’s been getting from contractors assigned to work in Antarctica. His remarks begin after the 17-minute mark. It seems that TPTB have been busy staffing Antarctica year-round. This is a huge departure from the normal South Pole routine: you used to work in the summer and then hightail it out of there by the end of August in advance of the cruel winters. But not so anymore! Something is going on that is so urgent that facilities have been made for people to work year-round.

There are people who are new hires and have been in contact with me, also people who have recently come from Antarctica that have finished their contracts and are talking to me. They’ve laid their SECOND fiber optic bundle from Brazil to Antarctica. That’s a huge undertaking just for one [fiber]project, but now they’ve laid TWO.

These fiber optic bundles are, reputably, the widest bandwidths ever created [!!] We know that this is occurring. I was put onto this by a guy who worked on one of the ships that did the laying of the cable. I went and validated that those contracts existed. While doing that, I figured out how to validate some of the monies involved and the food shipments for some of the contingents down there.

They are now shipping food monthly for an annual population, not a seasonal population where most of them would go home before winter sets in. Now, they have very large populations down there to the extent that they are hiring people like massage therapists and physical therapists who can treat damaged hands.

Previously, people hired like that would come to work for 3 summer months and then return home. But these people are getting signed on, year-round, for multi-year contracts. So, the conditions have changed.

We also have the issue of the science that’s being released that they’re willing to talk about. So, they’ve been willing to talk about the giant chunk of ice that broke off [Larsen C – see story here.] And then we heard something like, “Oh look at all these acres and acres of volcanoes that are rapidly melting the ice!” There’s this admission going on that the climate of Antarctica is changing without it being attributed to global warming.

Disappearing Ocean Tides in Uruguay

Clif High continues in that same interview to mention a curious tidal event that was witnessed in Brazil and Uruguay later on the same day of August 11, 2017 (however, I don’t think Clif realized the synchronized dates of the two events at the time of his interview.)

Where did the ocean go? Punta Del Este, Uruguay, Aug. 11, 2017. (Photo:


There have also been changes to the ocean currents. I don’t know if this is 100% related, but I think there is some kind of undersea connection now between the east and the west oceans. (The continent is divided into two halves, more like an archipelago and an island.) Bear in mind that the Atlantic Ocean is six inches lower than the Pacific.

Well, this past summer it was reported in Uruguay and Brazil that the ocean suddenly drained away in such a shocking tidal episode that people thought they were about to be hit by a giant tsunami. [See news story linked here dated August 11.] It is my understanding that that event is connected to something going on at Antarctica and may be connected to this undersea channel that now connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. We might now soon see an equalization of this 6-inch difference in ocean heights.

At the 25-minute mark of the video, Clif offered his observations of the Antarctica Pulse:


Dahboo7 has caught several episodes of what looks like a sonic cannon or sonic ray gun shooting pulsed rings out of Antarctica. The waves cross the southern hemisphere and exit the earth near the equator, around Hawaii, at the 19.5 N latitude. This must be some kind of gigantic “thing” [machine? weapon?] that is shooting these waves out that are able to span the hemisphere over such an extraordinary distance. The ray doesn’t disappear. For all we know, it keeps traveling into space. It’s covering over one-third of our planet.

This would be like you taking your garden hose and spraying water over hundreds of miles just with your thumb covering the water tube. 

Our data sets indicate that this is some kind of guidance system. But the words “guard” and “sentinel” also show up to describe the system. So it could be a weapon system. The data sets also indicate that this is something ancient and that perhaps somebody has flipped the “ON” switch. I’m not sure if the “ancient” descriptor is legitimate. But I do trust that the descriptors of “guidance,” “sentinel,” and “ray gun” do apply.

Remember that Clif noted the calving of the Larsen C ice shelf which also took place earlier this summer. But there is recent news about yet another iceberg breaking away in Antarctica.

Yet Another Iceberg Breaks Off reported on September 28th that another iceberg has broken away from Antarctica [news linked here]. This event was not unexpected. However, Christopher A. Shuman, a research scientist within the Cryospheric Sciences Laboratory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, opined that the calving events are happening with increased frequency and that “the rifts are forming far inland”:

Pine Island Glacier (PIG) is the fastest melting glacier in Antarctica—one that’s responsible for a quarter of the frozen continent’s ice loss, a whopping 45 billion tons of ice each year. Satellite images taken from September 23 to 24 show an open-water gap emerging between the ice shelf and the iceberg, which is about four times the size of Manhattan (103 square miles or 267 square km).

Shuman also confirmed that the rifts are forming in the center of the glacier and extending out toward the edges. This means that the rifts are forming far inland, likely the result of warm ocean water rubbing against the base of the glacier. This may explain why the calving events are happening with increased frequency (the speed of the glacier’s flow towards the sea is increasing, and it’s now moving at about 2.5 miles (4 km) per year), and why PIG appears to be thinning (the rate of thinning has quadrupled since the mid 1990s). If this current rate of thinning continues, the entire main trunk of the glacier could be afloat in about 100 years.

I find it just a bit too convenient that the National Science Foundation and her Deep State contractors, like Leidos Inc., have suddenly engineered an Antarctic environment suitable for year-round human habitation at the same time that rifts are breaking up glaciers from the inside-out, and while somebody is steering scalar energy pulses from that continent across Earth’s southern hemisphere.

The “Tower Of Babel Moment”

In summary, which jigsaw puzzle pieces have we extracted from the box today? These curious events from just the past two months:

1. August 11: Pulses of microwave radiation were detected as shooting out from somewhere in Antarctica, a pulse pattern that reached all the way across South America, up to Central Mexico, and exiting somewhere up near the 19.5 latitude in Hawaii.

2. August 11-12: Coastal residents in Uruguay and Brazil observed their ocean “disappear” and recede several hundred meters from their coastlines. No tsunami occurred and the water lines eventually resumed to normal.

3. August 14: The resultant gravitational wave signal left by the marriage of two black holes located 2 billion light years away was detected by Europe’s Virgo interferometer. Scientists hope that observations made by Virgo and her partners will launch a new field of astronomy and better understanding of the physics of outer space. We don’t know if this was incidental to the Antarctica Pulse or was somehow used in concert with it.

4. August 25-September 20: several monster hurricanes barrel through the Caribbean leaving a path of destruction in Houston, Miami, Puerto Rico, to name but a few affected areas. At the same time, Mexico gets hit on her southwestern coast with an 8.1 temblor and was followed days later by a 7.1 earthquake in central Mexico, leaving hundreds dead in Mexico City.

In the next blog of this #Celestials series, I will bring out a couple of interviews that Joseph P. Farrell provided when his books, “Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations” and “Grid of the Gods”, came out several years ago. Dr. Farrell notes that history is repeating itself, but this time, the Powers That Be feel that they will be better armed to resist an attack from off-planet forces. These people really do feel that they have arrived back to the point where they left off at the Biblical “Tower of Babel,” a point where they had achieved some kind of technology that gave them galactic superiority.

But this time, the “gods” out there won’t win, or so they presume.

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Bee In Eden Episode 13 – Antarctica Rockefeller Connection

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