Mysterious “Structure” Found On The Ocean Floor?

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We know more about the surface of our moon, than we do of the bottoms of our oceans.
To date, we have managed to explore a mere five percent of the floors of Earth’s oceans.
Much remains to be learned, and indeed explored.

Unimaginable mysteries, treasures, and the possible odd sea monster, could all still be laying deep within the blackness, irretrievable, and thus, undiscovered.

Our oceans are the lifeblood of the planet, covering more than 70 percent of its surface.

Responsible for the driving forces behind weather systems, the regulation of global seasonal temperatures, and ultimately, supporting all living organisms in one way or another.

Just what could be laying upon our ocean floors?

Lost relics from a bygone era?

Possible crashed, ancient alien craft?…

Indeed, we have already covered the enigmatic Eltanin antenna, which was discovered resting deep upon the Antarctic sea bed, found some decades ago.

Yet what else could be lurking down there?

Just waiting to be discovered…

It seems fortunately, that an ROV, a Remote Operated Vehicle, managed and controlled by the Olympic Challenger, may have managed to give us another glimpse at one of these utterly perplexing structures, resting deep within our oceans.

Recorded on September 11th, 2010, it is still unknown just what this object could be, possibly ancient? Seemingly installed, sunk into the ocean floor at a considerable depth.

Curiously, the recent event unfolded during a live-feed broadcast, and for some reason, as soon as the ROV came into visual contact with this most peculiar of objects, or indeed possible structure, the crew controlling the machine, mysteriously decided to manoeuvre the ROV away, out of view of the object, and then quickly accelerated away…

The small fragment of footage that was seen however, indicated that the number of right angles within the structures form, and indeed its overall appearance, makes it seem unlikely to have had natural origins.

Fortunately, a few people who witnessed the live exploration broadcast, managed to record the event, and subsequently leak the footage to the public, so we fortunately we do have video evidence of the discovery taking place.

However, due to the company’s reluctance to discuss, or even acknowledge the event, not much regarding the discovery has been attained.

Just what this thing was, may remain a mystery, or at least kept secret, hidden away from most of the public domain.

A year ago, we shared with you the leaked state department emails, files, and documents – Made available to the public by way of wiki-leaks founder Julian Assange, which pertained to the united states governments full awareness of a UFO crash site near the populate northern town of Igloolik, Northern Canada, very near to the borders of Greenland….

This object subsequently sinking to a great depth, it then began to emit a mysterious ping, a possible distress beacon, a sound, which for some time began to annoy a large number of the locals.

Since this event a few years ago, the strange ping has seemingly disappeared, and the fate of its source remains a mystery.

An unfortunate fate which may also be bestowed upon this most recent, and intriguing of discoveries made by the Olympic challenger.

Yet thankfully the world got to see it first.


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