Nikola Tesla the Scientist of the Gods

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Considered a world class engineering genius, Nikola Tesla invented many of the electrical devices and systems we take for granted today. From the electric motor, X-Rays, remote control, robotics and many other inventions, Tesla accumulated a vast number of patents that boggle the mind. But many of his most brilliant inventions were never revealed to the public and were left to be discover years after his death. Wireless communications, limitless free energy, and machines that could run on their own were just a handful of inventions which could revolutionize modern society. Some believe these and other ideas were suppressed, never to see the light of day. Other believe that Tesla was able to tap into a collective unconscious and create machines of the future.

What was it about Tesla and his machines that are so curious. Was he able to communicate with other civilizations through his wireless radio – and gain no found information?

Source: Earth Ancients


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