Pictures Revealing That the Holy Roman Empire Still Rules the World

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By Pro Chang

If the following article interests you, I highly encourage you to read my article titled Why Rome (the Holy Roman Empire) Still Rules the World to learn why nearly every country throughout the world is controlled by the Holy Roman Empire. Please take notice that some of the pictures were missing from the article so I could not add them to the content below. After studying the pictures, you should know that the Holy Roman Empire is still alive and stronger than ever. — Pao Chang, OmniThought

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Have you ever wondered?
Questions by Jordan Maxwell

1) The Vatican courtyard.

Picture of vatican courtyard

When viewed from the air, we can see that the Vatican courtyard is, in fact, shaped like a keyhole. There is a reason … Do you know why?

Picture of Vatican courtyard keyhole

Below we can see that within the “keyhole” of the Vatican courtyard is yet another symbol: two crosses superimposed on each other. This is the symbol from which the British Union Jack flag is derived. This is where we get the term “double-crossers.”

Picture of Vatican courtyard keyhole and UK flag

While we’re on the subject, there is another interesting symbol at the entrance to the Vatican.

Left: Aerial View
Right: Close-Up

Picture of Vatican courtyard and Nazi flag

2) We know that dogs wear “dog tags” …

… but why do we imply that our military servicemen are dogs?!?!

I bet Henry Kissinger knows the answer to that question!

Picture of Henry Kissinger

Picture of the book Kiss the Boys Goodbye“Military men are just dumb stupid animals, to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

— Henry Kissinger

quoted in “Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own P.O.W.s in Vietnam” | reference

And while we’re on the subject …

3) Why is the Star of David on the back of the U.S. One Dollar bill?

Picture of the Star of David

For more fascinating research on the Star of David, see Hidden Roots of Religion Page 12.

Picture of Pope Benedict XVI wearing Saturn hat

Chiun Star God
Remphan Chiun
Solomons Saturn Temple

4) What is this a symbol of and why is it so holy to British Royalty?

England’s “Lia Fail Stone”

5) Did you ever notice the little owl on the dollar bill?

6) Do you know what this symbol really means?

The eye in the triangle symbol does not represent what many Christians and conspiracy researchers think it does. Before condemning it, research it. Footnotes: 1 | 2

7) Swastikas in Israeli synagoges??

“Ein-Gedi” Synagoge in Israel

8) Do you know what these are?

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This article (Pictures Revealing That the Holy Roman Empire Still Rules the World) was originally published on OmniThought and syndicated by The Event Chronicle

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  1. Despite many researchers mentioning the the key hole shape to be, The Key to the secret rulers, Or is actually part of a Moloch shape, and the unverted cross been what Moloch stands upon. This is running East West, rather than north south. The Castel Sant’Angelo only a short distance away, has a pentagon shaped wall. Which is facing north, is inverted. Making many believe that this feeds into the catholic consciousness. Looked over by Moloch the true ruler of christianity.
    We also have the Serpent building, yet again, it goes against alledged christian values. All christians when making the sign of the cross, always do it upside down. All by design

    If I was to ask anyone, name me one person in perceived history who was born of a virgin birth, Which was also visited by “three kings” at his birth. if you said Vishnu or Horus. Then you are spot on correct. Now look at how many years before the alleged birth of christ. And there we have the evidence that christianity is a man made religion. Rejurgitating the same story as many other religions since past. All they do is change the names in the story