#QAnon: Freedom of the Press (Foundation?)

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Freedom of the Press Foundation:


On December 4th 2010, Paypal premanently restricted payments to wikileaks:


On December 6th 2010 Mastercard pulled its support from Wikileaks, and while unproven, it appears to be under pressure from the US government.


This article goes over all of the companies that stopped allowing their service to be used to donate to wikileaks, and says “US financial institutions including Visa, Bank of America, Mastercard, PayPal and Western Union, stopped accepting or handling payments intended for WikiLeaks in December 2010, after the site began leaking US diplomatic cables from a cache of nearly 250,000 it had acquired.” Because of this, wikileaks estimated it lost at least $20m in revenue.


In response, Freedom of the Press Foundation was started in 2012:


This article states that Wikileaks saw a big jump in fundraising in the US and elsewhere once it took on Edward Snowdens case: (search for word percent)


John Cusack is on the board of the Free Speech Foundation, and offered to donate up to 10K and match donations that came in. Wrote a HuffPo article:


Lets get into the Foundation:

Currently, they are raising money for SecureDrop, and Signal which is also part owned by twitter.

Basically a repository for funds– funds get donated and they are dispersed either to theorganization or publisher of your choice or split across the board. Some articles to read:



Things were great….. Until December 20th.

FPF has decided to sever ties with wikileaks.


Daily Beast article reeks of propaganda.. Here is an interesting turn of event:


Lets take a look at the emails written between the two, shall we, and some tweets:


From Assange/Wikileaks: https://archive.is/Bvmw2
To FPF: https://archive.is/x4EqB

Palantir goes after wikileaks: https://wikileaks.org/IMG/pdf/WikiLeaks_Response_v6.pdf

Interesting blog– seems “The Intercept” has taken issue with Wikileaks for the DNC emails, as has Barrett Brown, and anyone else who just disagrees– or is there more:

Blog: https://cafe-babylon.net/2017/11/30/the-intercepts-most-recent-screed-against-julian-assange/
Blog: https://cafe-babylon.net/2017/12/08/a-3000-word-hoodwinking-hit-piece-on-wikileaks-pt-ii-of-ii-pts/

Read through this: There’s so much more there that could be considered, including a fishy-smelling report by AP (one of the SecureDrop agencies), Wikieaks and Saudi Arabia, but…this is already too long.  As for The Intercept, they’ve been batting for the Dems and the Empire in some pretty creepy ways, recently extolling the magnificent virtues of the White Helmets (as did Democracy Now!), a disgusting psyop that had long been discredited even when Maz Hussain had written it.  But this just in, and christ-in-a-canoe:

More information: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/wikileaks-why-freedom-press-foundation-cutting-ties-julian-assange-1652461


Assange tweet in November: https://twitter.com/julianassange/status/931371129599614977?lang=en

About Barlow: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Perry_Barlow


Haven developed with FPF


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