Stranger Times Weird Week Round Up

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By Dan Jensen

It’s been another busy week in the weirdoverse and once again I have had to chose really carefully what to include and what to leave out. I have gone for a good mixed bag in this week’s round up and hopefully there will be something for all tastes.

I did choose two articles from that ‘sensible’ news source the Guardian as they are both in the ball park of Stranger Time’s remit.  The first one is about the U.K’s first flat Earth conference and  is noteworthy for two reasons:  Firstly, the article is not a hit piece seeking to discredit the subject and secondly, it goes to show how quickly the  modern Flat Earth movement has risen to the top of main stream consciousness since its inception circa 2013.

The second Guardian story is one that should concern us all – that being China’s increasing use of ‘social -credits’ to control and surveil the population, using techniques straight out of George Orwell’s 1984. If we are not careful this bar-less prison is exactly the kind of dystopian nightmare the deep state would like to inflict on the rest of us.

One last thing. If you have even the remotest interest in the UFO subject, then make sure you watch the trailer for Jeremy Corbell’s forthcoming documentary about Bob Lazar at the end of this article, it promises to be groundbreaking.

May 27th – Flat Earth Goes Mainstream

Interesting coverage in the Guardian about the U.K’s first Flat Earth convention held in Birmingham.

Stranger Times has stayed out of the Flat Earth debate thus far, preferring not to comment on a subject which has riven the alternative community in half over recent years. Just as headway was being made in all sorts of ways, from UFO disclosure, activism against overwhelming corporate power and protest against the general erosion of our civil liberties; Along comes the Flat Earth movement in 2013 and we all turn on each other according to whether we believe the Earth is round or not.

I get NASA being shady, I get that we have been lied to by the elites for centuries and I get that you can’t take the mainstream media at face value anymore. What I don’t get, is that the very people who believe NASA and established science are lieing about the shape of the Earth, seem to except hook line and sinker the idea that it’s flat, just because they’ve watched a few YouTube videos from persuasive influencers who only came on the scene a few years ago. This reeks of a classic C.I.A or Mossad  Psy-Op,  how ironic!

May 27th – A Hundred Years Of Humboldt County Bigfoots.

When someone writes up a Bigfoot report, it is easy to dismiss it as a speculative one off example of either mis identification or over fertile imagination. However, when you present a hundred years worth of reports a pattern might begin to emerge and it becomes harder to dismiss them all. This is exactly what the good folks at cryptozoologynews have done and it makes for a very interesting read.

May 27th – 1984 comes To China In The From Of Social Credits – Be Afraid!

Another Guardian article discussing China’s increased use of digital technology to control its citizen’s every move and thought. In the best traditions of Orwellian Double speak, ‘Social Credits’ sound harmless enough, but when you realise they are a way of rationing a citizens access to food, goods and services according to how useful or helpful they are deemed to be to the Chinese State, then its time to worry.

Of course, such a system will be far to complicated for mere humans to operate, so why not defer its administration to an artificial intelligence applying an arbitrary set of a algorithms? What a great idea!  New World Order check! Dystopian nightmare future check! End of days biblical prophecy, mark of the beast and all that, check! Source:

May 28th – Japanese ‘UFO’ Boy Uses Telepathy To Summon Unknown Craft.

Fascinating story emerging out of Japan at the moment of a 15 year old boy apparently able to summon UFO’s to appear at will using telepathy.

Not much is known about him so far but well known researcher and contactee, Toshitaro Yamaguch has distributed a number of photographs taken by the boy to prove his case. We will keep you posted Source

May 28th – America’s Paranormal Map Shows An Inexplicable ‘Deadzone’

Recent research by paranormal investigator Sharon Day seems to indicate that there is an anomalous ‘deadzone’ (pun intended) of ghost/spirit hauntings that runs straight through the centre of continental North America from north to south.

She comes up with a number of good suggestions as to why this may be the case, at the very least it might well open up a few avenues of primary research that no one has considered before. Source:

May 29th – On the Thorny Task of Making Cryptozoology A Science.

The subject of Cryptozoology is widely defined as the search for undiscovered species ( usually large ones), or the re-discovery alive, of previously thought extinct ones. Whether justified or not, cryptozoology is often derided as a pseudoscience by mainstream science or so called rationalists, who dismiss it to the realm of crack pots and charlatans.

This article then by Richard Worth is a considered, thought provoking and well researched piece which aims to change that way of thinking, arguing that cryptozoology has a good track record for discovering new species, (think Mountain Gorilla, Giant Squid and Ceolecanth) and if it were taken seriously by academia to include accreditation and validity, then much of the chicanery associated with the subject would naturally disappear. For anyone even remotely interested in Bigfoot, Nessie, Ogo-pogo etc (other cryptids are available) then they will find this very interesting. Source

May 29th – The Changing Face Of Alien Encounters

With the image of the ‘Grey’ alien, grey skin, large out of proportion head, big black eyes, now synonymous with what a UFO occupant is meant to look like, it is easy to forget that prior to Whitley Streiber’s book ‘Communion’- alien entities came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There’s is a lot to unpack here relating to mass psychology and the power of the media to shape public perception.

Curt Collins takes us through 60 years of some very diverse alien encounters which you can see at

May 30th – Stolen Iraqi Clay Tablets Offer Clues To Lost City of Irisagrig.

The chaos visited on Iraq these last 15 years has been calamitous, not only for the people themselves, but also a whole swathe of ancient and culturally priceless sites, that in many cases date right back to the cradle of civilization.

Some good news then in that an American firm, Hobby Lobby has been found guilty of trading and collecting thousands of clay tablets and ancient artifacts believed to have come from the as yet undiscovered city of Irisagrig. The artifacts are being repatriated back to Iraq and it is hoped that proper analysis of them will offer clues as to where the main part city might be located. Source:

June 1st – Latest Loch Ness Monster Sighting Captured On Camera?

The enduring mystery of the Loch Ness Monster is never far from a newspaper headline and in recent weeks Nessie has been in the very much in the lime light after it was announced that a New Zealand team was going to be leading a new hunt to find this elusive cryptid.

How timely then that a new and remarkable piece of footage has emerged. The film which is over 3 minutes long, appears to show a 20ft long object moving slowly across the waters of the Loch. Mr Eoin O’Faodhagain from Ireland who filmed the object said it was definitely not a boat, and at that length it is far too large to be a seal either.

Whatever it is, the object it has been entered into the official monster sighting register. You can view the footage here and decide for yourself.

June 2nd – Bob Lazar Is Back!: Introducing Jeremy Corbell’s latest Docu-film.

Alternative Documentary maker Jeremy Corbell is following up on the success of his recent film ‘Patient 17’, which is about the analysis and removal alien implants, by having achieving exclusive access to arguably the most important figure to emerge in the field of modern Ufology, Bob Lazar.

For those younger readers who may not know, Bob Lazar was a research scientist at the Groom Lake testing facility out in the Nevada desert back in the 80’s, working on some very secret stuff indeed. In 1989  he famously blew the whistle on the U.S government’s interaction with E.T’s and the back engineering of E.T Technology that was taking place at Groom Lake on the site we now know as Area 51.

Bob’s story is a fascinating one, a virtual recluse since the shit storm he instigated broke, he has been hounded and vilified by the mainstream and some in the alternative sphere alike and yet he maintains to this day that everything he said back in 1989 is true.

Part of his claim has in fact been verified as true when he described how parts of the propulsion systems for back engineered  electro-gravitic craft utilized element 115. Element 115 wasn’t even discovered by science until 2004 and still not fully confirmed until 2014! The Documentary is earmarked for a December 2018 release and Stranger Times for one cannot wait. visit for more information.

Dan Jensen is the sole proprietor of Stranger Times which was created primarily to indulge his lifelong passion in all things Fortean. His interests range anywhere and everywhere: From UFO’s to ghosts, lost civilizations to Bigfoot, conspiracies to unsolved mysteries and all points in between. 

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